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Daniel Part 27 Perek 12 con't: The Grand Finale
"And I heard, and I did not understand, and I said, ‘My lord, what will be the end of these?'" What will be the end of the rule of the sarim who stand by the bank of the river -what will be the end of the nations they influence?

"And he said, ‘Go, Daniel, because the matters are sealed and closed until the time of the end.'"

"Go, Daniel" - The malach instructed Daniel to refrain from questioning about the topic of the end any further.

"Until the time of the end" - As the end approaches, chachamim will be able to recognize that the end is drawing near, and interpret events as they unfold.

"They will be selected and cleansed, and many will be purified, and the wicked will commit evil, and the wicked will not understand, but the wise will understand."

At that time, many of the nations will come to recognize the religion of truth, and they will be cleansed and purified to go in the light of Hashem.  However, there will be reshaim that will not return, and will instead fight against Yisrael during the war of Gog and Magog.

According to the Rambam, this refers to the suffering of galus.  Those who maintain their emunah will be purified by their suffering. 

"And from the time that the daily sacrifice was removed and the silent abomination was set up, one thousand two hundred and ninety years."

One thousand, two hundred and ninety years after the daily sacrificed is removed and the silent abomination is set up, the possibility of geulah will begin.  Before this time, geulah is not possible.

"Praised is the one who waits and reaches to one thousand three hundred thirty-five years."

This is forty five additional years than in the previous possuk.  Moshiach will come and then be hidden for forty-five years.  The Ramban says that after 1290 years, the Moshiach from Shevet Ephrayim will appear to gather the Jews from around the world and to battle with Gog, king of Magog.  Moshiach ben Dovid will come afterwards and bring in the final geulah.   

 "And you, go to the end, and you will rest, and you will stand for your lot at the end of days."

"Go to the end" - Daniel will die before these events occur. 

"And you will rest" - In Olam Haba.