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Rav Shimshoin Pincus - Esther's Betrayal of The Jewish People?

Haman's decree is sealed and becomes law. The Jews are doomed. All over the world Jews are despondent. But then comes a glimmer of hope. Esther the Jewish Queen sends word that she will make a heroic effort and sacrifice her life by going uninvited to the King to plead for her people. She asks that all Yehudim, men women and children fast for three days and nights so that with their tefilos her impossible mission can succeed.

With the entire nation starving and crying all eyes are turned to the royal palace waiting to hear the outcome of the meeting that can give the Jews a new lease on life. What happens? Word comes out from the royal court that Esther invited Haman and Achashveirosh to a party. Betrayal at its worst! The Queen chooses to save her own life and switch over to the enemy side rather that save her people. It's all over now. The Yehudim have no hope.

Could you imagine how one feels when the Gadol HaDor converts to the enemy side? What do they do now? Despite this they continue fasting and crying to Hashem only this time with 100% dedication knowing that there isn't a person in the world they can count on after even their Tzadiekes and savior has betrayed them.

Only this pure bitachon in Hashem was able to save Klal Yisroel from a Gezeira that was already sealed. This says Rav Shimshon Pincus (Sichos Purim: V'Nichtav BaSefer) was all part of Esther's plan to save the Yehudim.  Only by removing herself as their savior would their true emunah shine through.  "Ein Lanu Al Mi L'Hishaein Elah Al Avinu ShebaShamayim." Chazal tell us that the final geula will only come when we truly have nothing and nobody to rely on except our father in Heaven!