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Daniel Part 23 Perek 11 cont'd: Family Politics, Treachery and Deceit
"A despicable one will stand in his place, and they will not bestow him the glory of kingship, and he will come in peace, and he will maintain kingship through smoothness."

"A despicable one" -This is Antiochus the Rasha, who was contemptible in his middos and deeds.

"They will not bestow him the glory of kingship" -Seleucus IV left a son when he died, who was actually the true heir of the throne.

"He will maintain kingship through smoothness."- He gained supporters through flattery and smooth talk.

"The arms of the stream will stream before him and be broken, and also the prince of the covenant."

 "The arms of the stream will stream before him and be broken" - This refers to the soldiers of the opposing nations he was battling with.

"And also the prince of the covenant" - This is referring to the king of Egypt, Ptolemy VI, the son of Cleopatra, sister of Antiochus, with whom he had a peace treaty.

 "He will use trickery through his alliance with him, and he will rise up and become strong with a small nation."

Antiochus went to Egypt to visit his sister Cleopatra, and utilized his family ties and his alliance with Egypt to deceive his way to power, with only a small group of supporters.

"In peace, and in the wealthiest parts of the country he will come, and he will do what his fathers and forefather did not do.  He will spread loot and possessions, and he will contemplate his thoughts on their fortresses, until the time."

 "He will contemplate his thoughts on their fortresses" - He schemed how to conquer Egypt's fortresses.

"Until the time" -Antiochus returned home and returned to Egypt three different times.

"He will awaken his strength and his heart against the king of the south with a large army, and the king of the south will be provoked to war with an extremely massive and strong army, and he will not stand, because he will contemplate strategies against him."

Antiochus returned to Egypt with a massive army, provoking Ptolemy VI to wage war against him.  However, Antiochus bribed the Egyptian generals, who betrayed Ptolemy.     

"And those who eat his food will break him, and he will flood away his army, and many corpses will fall."

"And those who eat his food" -The Egyptian citizens themselves betrayed their country and caused its defeat. 

"And the two kings, their hearts are for evil.  At one table they will speak deceit, and it will not succeed, for is there still an end to the designated time."

"And the two kings" -Antiochus then drew close to Ptolemy VI, who was the heir to the throne.  However, the Egyptians accepted the younger brother, Ptolemy VII, as their king instead. 

"At one table they will speak deceit"-Antiochus feigned close family ties with Ptolemy VI, while having devious intentions of causing a civil war between the two brothers so he could gain control.  Ptolemy VI superficially cooperated with Antiochus, but he was well aware of his true intentions.

"And it will not succeed" - As soon as Antiochus returned home, the two brothers made peace with each other and joined forces against Antiochus.

"And he will return to his land with great wealth and his heart against the holy covenant, and he will accomplish and return to his land."

Antiochus returned home, and a rumor spread in Yerushalayim that he had died.  A previous Kohen Gadol, who had bribed Antiochus for his position, and was later ousted by Antiochus in favor of someone else who had given him a larger bribe, decided the time was right to settle matters.  He came to Yerushalayim to drive away the second Cohen Gadol.  Antiochus, who was alive and well, came to quell the rebellion and killed many of Bnei Yisrael.   

"At the designated time he will return and come to the south, and it will not be like the first or the last."

Antiochus heard that Ptolemy VI and Ptolemy VII had made peace with each other and decided it was time to drop all pretenses of friendship.  He traveled a third time to Egypt with an army to conquer the land.  The Egyptians then sent messengers to the Senate in Rome for aid.  The Romans sent a messenger to Antiochus threatening to wage war against him unless he returned home.

"And the ships of the Kitim will come against him, and he will be humiliated, and he will return, and rage against the holy covenant, and he will accomplish.  He will return and contemplate those who abandon the holy covenant."

The Romans came in ships and Antiochus was forced to return home in defeat.  He returned through Eretz Yisrael, and took out his anger on Bnei Yisrael, killing many Jews who opposed him.  Those "who abandon the holy covenant" -the Jews who supported Antiochus and his goals, were treated well by him.

(The vision does not include the story of Chanukah, since Gavriel is accounting the travails that Bnei Yisrael will suffer, and the respite during the story of Chanukah was for a relatively short time.)