Section:  Avodah   Category: 13 Middos
Tomer Devora Midda 9: Shooting The Messenger

Our Aveiros create bad forces in the world that torment us. Hashem sends a Paroh or a Haman to punish us to bring us back to teshuva. Once we have suffered enough and do teshuva these forces need to be erased. This is called the Midda of "V'Sashlich B'Mitzulos Yam Kol Chatosom", Hashem throws out aveiros to the depths of the sea. This explains why if we deserved to suffer in Mitzrayim why Paroh is punished. Paroh is a creation of our aveira. Once it is erased so is he. The same concept applies with the rock or the sword that person is killed with in Bais Din. After it is used to administer the punishment the rock or the sword must be buried.

Similarly says the Tomer Devora if someone has acted terribly and then goes through a very difficult period we must pity him and help him. Chazal tell us that someone who gets 40 lashes in Bais Din should not be isolated afterward. Even though we should hate a sinner, "Once he suffers he is again considered our brother." Do not harden your heart and say that he brought his troubles on himself. On the contrary his punishment is past and so is his aveira. Now it is time to bring him back into the fold.