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What better way is there to be Mikayem the Mitzva this year than by sending Mishloach Manos to a family in Sderot.  Their daily lives have turned into a nightmare as sirens and rockets interrupt their days and make fear and trauma a real part of their existence. What we have learned through our visit and interaction with the children is that they yearn for some attention and care from their Jewish brethren.  The little that we have provided so far through our carnivals and trip are the most memorable part of their recent happiness.

We are launching a Mishloach Manos campaign, enabling you as an individual to reach out to children and families in Sderot this year with a warm wish of friendship.  It only takes a few dollars per Mishloach Manos and to write a few words of encouragement (or we can do that for you).

The cost is for a family basket and for an individual child.  Send to as many families or children as you wish.  Get your children involved and be Michanech them how to give meaningful Mishloach Manos.

You can send tax deductible checks made out to "Tehilat Naava - Shlach Lachmecha"

To: Family Schuck
360 Cabrini Blvd
Apt 7g
New York, New York 10040

When you send a check please be sure to let us know via email to so that we can start to prepare it.

For a sneak preview of our almost complete Sderot website you can go to  If you'd like to volunteer to help this cause please contact us. 

Thu, 21 Feb 2008 03:00:00 +0000
Ahavas Yisroel Hits the Spot

Do you know what it means to live in fear? A few weeks ago on Tu Bishvat we took a trip down to Sderot with five courageous girls and a young mother of nine children (who as well as bringing a few of her older daughters brought 2 infants) who went to give a little chizzuk to the young children in Sderot's religious school. They made a beautiful Tu B'shvat carnival and gave out lots of prizes and treatsf.

The joy in Sderot that day knew no bounds. The teachers were touched to no end that people who had no reason to endanger themselves came anyway just to show support. The children were touched and delighted by the special "light" brought into their otherwise bleak existence tormented by the constant shrill of the air raid siren. How do I know they were happy? I have never in my life seen such verbal Hakoras Hatov by little children like I saw that day. They didn't stop thanking us for coming from the moment we came until the moment we left. It was an amazing sight

Driving up to the school gave us an idea of what goes on in Sderot. A security guard waited for us outside. As soon as we parked he urged us to get into the building as fast as we could since we were with little children and once that dreaded siren goes off you have only fifteen seconds to find cover before the Kassam hits. The building is quite imposing and not exactly a place to grow up to develop a cheerful demeanor. The entire façade is covered with 50 foot slabs of concrete to protect against rockets.

In a conversation with the security guard who escorts the children to school on the bus he told me that in the morning just two hours before we arrived there was a siren while all the children were all on the bus. "What happened then" I asked. He explained that technically there is nothing to do. The bus driver opens the door the bus and everyone flees for their lives trying to find shelter behind anything that looks sturdy and prays for the best.

Why do these people stay in Sderot? Whoever was able to leave did so long ago. Not everybody has enough money to buy or rent a second home and Sderot real estate is not exactly booming so they obviously can't sell.

What can you do? I will share with you two comments that I heard that day. One of the teachers commented that many secular people have come down to give aid and see the situation firsthand. However never before had a family of Charedi people not belonging to any organization come down to give chizzuk. There was no political agenda nor did they belong to any tzedoka organization. They came from the goodness of their hearts. They came to share the pain and to uplift the spirit. They came and went anonymously not leaving a name or number. They didn't bring money or aid, they brought love and caring.

The second comment was made to one of the girls who ran the carnival for the older grades. These girls as it turned out were less interested in blowing balloons and tasting different flavors of marshmallow fluff with a blindfold. They wanted to Shmooz. One of the girls asked if the people in Yerushalayim know about their plight. The girl from Yerushalayim answered "of course, we think about you and daven for you all day." The girls from Sderot broke out into a huge smile. This wasn't exactly true but hearing this answer sure made their day.

Inspired by the lessons learned that day by this brave young contingent we have decided to start a campaign for the children of Sderot. It is not about money, it is about Ahavas Yisroel. It is about writing a letter of Chizzuk. It is about sending Mishloach Manos. It is about sending a small gift that says loud and clear, "I care". Nothing will carry the name "Revach" on it. We are just a Shaliach for people who have no way of doing these things themselves. All letters, gifts, etc. will be delivered from you to them without our fingerprints on it. After all they want to know that "You" care. I have heard about an organizations raising money for psychological treatment for those children affected by the situation. I am not an expert but I think a little love from you is worth far more than many hours at the shrink.

We are working on site which should be up shortly. If you'd like to get your neighborhood, your Shul, your school, or even just yourself involved it would be a great mitzva. Let's teach our kids some Ahavas Yisroel and let's send some of it to the Children of Sderot.

For more information or any questions please email us at

Thu, 07 Feb 2008 03:00:00 +0000