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The wife of Rav Yaakov Slonim was Noheg to give out every last morsel of Shabbos food on Shabbos so that nothing should go to waste. She said she did this because she had a Kabala from Rav Shneur Zalman of Liadi the Ba'al HaTanya of which the following story is told.

A guest once ate by the home ofthe Ba'al HaTanya Friday night. When the soup was brought to the table he tasted it but found it excessively salty to the point where he could not eat it.

The Ba'al HaTanya was lost in enraptured in his holy thoughts and was totally unaware of what was happening at the table. Suddenly in a moment of earthliness the Ba'al HaTanya noticed that the guest was not eating his soup. The Ba'al HaTanya ask him why he wasn't eating but before he was able to answer the Ba'al HaTanya threw a hefty helping of salt into the man's soup and went back to his otherworldly thoughts.

This scene repeated itself three times, until after the third time the guest finally said to the Ba'al HaTanya that his soup was much too salty. Upon hearing that the Ba'al HaTanya took his spoon and ate the guests soup to the last drop. He then said that we cannot find criticism in Shabbos food. No Shabbos food can harm a person's health and it is forbidden to ever throw out any Shabbos food.

This is the lesson that Rebbetzin Slonim learned very well!

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The Tchebiner Rov Doesn't Sleep On Shabbos

For the last twelve years of the life of this elderly Gadol Hador, the Tchebiner Rov‘s  health seriously declined, and he was instructed by his doctors to take a rest every afternoon. On most days, a bochur was put in charge during this time to ensure that the Rov was not disturbed. 

One Shabbos afternoon, the Rov lay down to rest, and for some reason the bochur was not on duty. Within a few minutes there was a knock at the door. A few seconds later the knock became louder and more urgent. The Rov dragged himself up with difficulty and opened the door to find...a nine-year child! 

“Are you the Tchebiner Rov?” the visitor asked?

When he received a positive reply he announced,

“My Rebbe in cheder told me that if I get the Rov to test me on my learning, and I produce a signed note to prove it – I will receive a candy! – Will the Rov farher me?” 

The Rov warmly invited the child in, sat him down, and tested him as requested. He also assured him that he was welcome to return after Shabbos for a signed note.  

As he saw the boy out, the Rov gently pointed out to him that in future he should take care not to call at people’s homes mid-afternoon on Shabbos, as they may well be resting. To this the child replied. “I know that! I would not normally knock on anyone’s door at such a time, but I was sure that the Tchebiner Rov would be too engrossed in his learning and would surely not be resting!” 

What was the Rov’s reaction? -  He kissed the child and thanked him for the rebuke! From that day onwards the Rov did not rest anymore on Shabbos afternoon, when he realized that it was perceived (by a young child) unbecoming of a person of his stature to do so

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Baron Rothschild Earns 800,000 Pound Sterling From Kiddush To Havdala Baron Anshel Rothschild although the leading European banker was a proud Jew and his emuna was legendary.  Despite all his multitude of business dealings, on Shabbos everything came grinding to a halt as if nothing else existed and he was simple Jew attached to his Shabbos.

One time a large financial institution in England was on the verge of collapse.  It needed to be rescued by a person or group with great means.  The directors decided that Baron Rothschild would be perfect candidate.  They drafted a proposal offering him the company for 2.5 million pound sterling. This price was considerably lower than the true value of the company but still not a steal.  

The telegram was sent Friday night and Baron Rothschild completely ignored it. Anxiously awaiting a reply, when no reply was forthcoming the directors took that as a lack of interest and the next morning sent a new proposal for 2.2 million. Of course Reb Anshel did not pay attention to this telegram either and later in the day out of desperation the directors sent an offer of 1.7 million. This one arrived on Motza'ei Shabbos and Reb Anshel opened it together with the other two, and sent back a positive response to the third offer.  

As soon as he sent off his reply he gathered his people together to update them on the transaction, and more importantly to teach them a lesson on the Koach of Shabbos.  Shabbos is not only profitable in the next world, but in this one as well for those who watch over it.

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Splurging On Shabbos Wine

No money should be spared when purchasing the finest wine for Shabbos.  It is wine that rings in the Shabbos in our home with Kiddush, and then again some twenty four plus hours later signals it end.  The schar for splurging on good wine is illustrated by the following story in the gemara.

The mother of Rebbi Zakkai had a special beautiful head covering which she wore Shabbos night.  When she put it on she felt it raised the level of Kedushas Shabbos to new heights.

One Erev Shabbos her son Rebbi Zakkai did not have any money to buy wine.  Shabbos was getting closer and Rebbi Zakkai went to Shul without having procured wine for Kiddush.  When he returned from Shul he noticed his mother was not wearing her beautiful Shabbos head covering that she always wore.  Yet she looked as exquisite as ever, beaming with happiness.  He then noticed on the table a bottle of wine.  Not just any wine, but a bottle of very expensive wine standing gallantly on the table waiting for Kiddush. 

Rebbi Zakkai understood what happened and went over to her and gave her a very warm bracha for her devotion and great sacrifice L'Kavod Shabbos.  The next year Rebbi Zakkai's fortune took a turn upwards and he became a very wealthy man.  The first thing he did was to go out and buy his mother a magnificent head covering shining with precious stones.

When Rebbi Zakkai's mother passed away, she left over for her son Rebbi Zakkai, three hundred barrels of wine for an inheritance.  When Rebbi Zakkai was niftar he left over three thousand barrels of wine.  All this in the zchus of being Michabed Shabbos with the best wine.

What if you are no wine connoisseur and there is no difference to you between a bottle of good wine and an average bottle of wine costing one third the price?  You should ask your Rav, but my feeling is that you are very fortunate man.  Unlike the Kugel with which you are MiAneg the Shabbos and your stomach at the same time, the extra expense of the good wine will be Kulo LaShem.  I'll drink to that! Gut Shabbos.

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Rav Shmuel Aharon Yudelevitch Suffers Far More Than A Tooth Ache One Friday night the great tzaddik Rav Shmuel Aharon Yudelevitch, the son-in-law of Rav Aryeh Levine and the brother-in-law of ybc"l Rav Elyashiv, had a terrible tooth ache.  He suffered terribly the whole night in obvious pain to all those around him.  Finally near the morning as it got worse he figured out a way to put some ointment on the pain in a halachicly permissible manner.

Later that shabbos he still looked like he was in terrible agony and someone asked why, since he had already relieved his pain.  He answered that he was thinking over what he did with the ointment and was now questioning his method wondering if it involved possibly a slight chashash of Chilul Shabbos.  Believe me he said, the pain I had from the tooth ache pales in comparison to the pain I am feeling now!

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If It Were The Chofetz Chaim's Shabbos The Chofetz Chaim once traveled to another city, and the people of the city emerged to greet the Gadol Hador.  Many wealthy men of the city were among those who came to greet the Chofetz Chaim and receive a bracha.
One wealthy man approached the Chofetz Chaim and gave him a sizable donation for Yeshivas Radin.  The Chofetz Chaim grabbed the man's hand and began to cry bitterly, saying, "This hand gives tzedaka with such respect, and alas it is michalel the Shabbos."  The Chofetz Chaim continued to hold the man's hand and cry, and the wealthy man's heart melted, and he too began crying bitterly.
The wealthy man said, "Rebbe, I promise you that from today I will keep the Shabbos.  But please allow me to be able to perform melacha this coming Shabbos at least, so I can wrap up my affairs." 
The Chofetz Chaim answered with great emotion, "My dear son, if it was my Shabbos I would be mochel you and allow you whatever you request, but it's the Shabbos of Hakadosh Boruch Hu, the King of Kings.  I can't allow even one moment of chilul Shabbos! 

The wealthy man accepted the words of the Chofetz Chaim, and began keeping the Shabbos from that week, and eventually became fully observant.  (Ukarasa Leshabbos Oneg) 

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