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The 10 Crowns Of Shemini L'Milu'im "VaYehi BaYom HaShemini"  The eight day of the Milu'im, the day the Mishkan was inaugurated, was a special day as noted with the letter "Hey" before the word Shemini.  Rashi says that this day took 10 crowns.  The list is brought in Seder Olam and can be seen by clicking on sidebar item on Revach lists or going to

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17 Clauses Of The Tzetil Katan - The Legacy Of Reb Elimelech Of Lizhensk One of the legacies of the great tzaddik and one of the original leaders of all chasidim, the Rebbe R' Elimelech of Lizhensk, is his "Tzetil Katan", literally small note, the 17 point program of how to be a good Jew.  While some things are beyond our level, reading the tzetil katan opens up new vistas in the holiness Reb Elimelech expected to people to reach.  Moreover there are some very helpful things in it that can help us overcome some of the more irritating obstacles we face on a consistent basis.

The tzetil katan contains 17 clauses.  It is recommended that you read it in its entirety as Reb Elimelech himself placed great importance on reading it word for word.  It can be found in many siddurim and is worth going through at east once.  For those who want to see a list of the main points, copy and paste this link

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12 Reasons Why Esther Invited Haman To The Party

Esther puts her life in jeopardy to come before Achashveirosh to plead the Jewish cause without being called.  A miracle occurs and he stretches out his royal scepter granting her life and permission to speak.  What does she say?  Can you and Haman come to a party! 

What was she thinking?  What was the brilliant strategy here?  The gemara brings opinions of Tanaim and Amora'im.  When Raba bar Avuha meets Eliyahu HaNavi he asks him which opinion is correct, he answers, "all of them".  To see complete Revach List click here.

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7 Proofs That The Megila Was Written With Ruach HaKodesh

After the Nes of Purim, Esther wanted the story to be written and recorded in Jewish history.  The Chachomim were not happy about the idea.  There is a machlokes Tana'im if the torah alludes to a Megila written about Esther or not.

Most Tana'im agree that Esther was written with Ruach HaKodesh.  The Braisa brings 4 opinions of Tana'im as to the source for this.  The gemara brings an additional 3 amora'im that bring their own source.  Rava disproves all the sources of the Tana'im and says that the source brought by Shmuel the Amora is the only unquestionable source.  Click here to see Revach List .


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4 Men Who Ruled Over The Entire World & 4 Who Didn't Hashem is the ruler of the world.  However he has given man power to conquer and rule over territories and people.  Surely those who ruled over the world were appointed by Hashem for this task for a reason.  The gemara (Megila 11b) lists a number of people who ruled over the entire world and a number whose conquest fell short.  To see the Revach List click here.

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10 Times Bnei Yisroel Tested Hashem In The Midbar The Mishna in Pirkei Avos 5:4 says, that our ancestors tested Hashem in the Midbar with ten tests, as it says, "They have tested Me these ten times and they have not listened to My voice."  To see full list of these ten tests click here for Revach Lists.

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10 Events & 10 Shiros Chazal tell us that 10 great Shiros were sung to Hashem.  9 already happened, and the 10th is the big one we wait for every day.  To see a complete list click here for Revach Lists.

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50 Miracles Of Krias Yam Suf

Krias Yam Suf was far more dramatic and miraculous than a simple splitting of the sea.  The Mishna in Pirkei Avos (5:4) says that 10 miracles happened to Bnei Yisroel during Krias Yam Suf.  The Bartenura lists them.  The Mei'am Loez counts 50 main nissim that happened to Bnei Yisroel from when they left Mitzrayim until after Krias Yam Suf.  He actually divides them into different parts for a count of more than 150.  To see list of these 50 nissim click here.

Special thanks to Rabbi Tzvi Frank for letting us know where to find this.

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Hints Of Chanuka In The Torah Everything that ever happened and ever will can be found in our eternal Torah.  The Ramban in the beginning of Parshas Bahalosicha in the Parsha of the lighting of the Menora says that this refers to the lighting of the Menora that will be done by the Nes of Chanuka through Mattisyahu and his children.  There are many other Remazim brought down and we have found four intriguing ones.  Click here to see Revach Lists.

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7 Mitzvos DiRabanan That Complete The Crown There are 613 or Taryag Mitzvos in the Torah.  There are another 7 Mitzvos MiDirabanan.  That makes 620 or Kesser which means crown.  Hashem's crown is not complete without the mitzvos DiRabanan.  In the Aseres HaDibros which is the basis for the Taryag Mitzvos we find 620 letters.  What are these seven Mitzvos MiDiRabbanan?  Click here to see a complete list on Revach lists.

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20 Factors For Parnassa Parnassa?  Everyone is always looking for ways to get it or enhance it.  Parnassa is a complicated matter with many factors involved.  There is a list of 20 factors affecting parnassa compiled from "Sefer HaMidos" by Rebbe Nachman of Breslev.  If you are really interested in parnassa the list list is worth going through carefully!  Click here to see full list on Revach Lists.

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10 Nisyonos Of Avrohom While some of Avrohom's nisyonos are clear to all, others are the source of a machlokes between the Rishonim and there are a number of versions of what exactly are the 10 Nisyonos of Avrohom that are brought down by the Rishonim. See two versions on Revach Lists.


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Adam, Chava, & The Snake - List Of Their Punishments The pasuk tells us the punishment that Adam, Chava, and the Snake, received for their aveira.  See Revach lists to get some more insight fromthe medrash exactly what these punishments were and why.  See Adam , see Chava , see snake .

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Rambam's 24 Aveiros That Prevent Tshuva We are now in the peak season of tshuvah.  We are trying to repair all our aveiros.  The Rambam lists 24 things that prevent a person from doing tshuvah.  If you are serious about your tshuva it is imperative that you review the list.  You can find a summary of it by clicking here for Revach Lists.  The Rambam in Hilchos Tshuva Perek 4.

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Revach Lists For Rosh HaShanah - Apple In The Honey, Simanim, Tekias Shofar Why do we dip the apple in the honey?  Did you remember to get all the Simanim to eat tonight?  Why do we blow Shofar on Rosh HaShana?  To find out all this and more visit

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4 Reasons To Worry About Those Little Tiny Aveiros When doing tshuva we tend to think of the big things we've done wrong and worry less about the little aveiros.  Rabbeinu Yonah in SHaarei Tshuva says this is a very big mistake.  The little ones can be your biggest problem, and he gives four reasons why you need to take care of the little ones no less than the big severe aveiros.  To see the list click here for Revach Lists.

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10 Reasons Why We Blow A Shofar On Rosh Hashana The Torah says we blow the Shofar on Rosh HaShana.  Of course this does not need a reason but Chazal have enumerated a number of them so that we can add some Kavana to this Mitzva.  One of our readers sent us a list of ten reasons compiled by the 10th century Gaon, Rabbi Saadia Gaon.  To see the list click here for Revavch Lists.

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70 Names Of Yerushalayim

The Medrash says the Yerushalayim has 70 names, just like Hashem has 70 names, there are 70 nations, Yaakov went to Mitzrayim with 70 people, the Sanhedrin has 70 members, as well as other 70s.  To see a list of 78 names by which Yerushalayim is referred to in Tanach click here to see Revach Lists.

You can also view our new list of the 24 Mishmaros Kohanim.

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Rav Moshe Kordevero's 5 Potent Medicines For Humility Rav Moshe Kordevero in the Tomer Devora (Perek 2) says that humility is the key to all good Middos.  Humility he says means considering yourself "Ayin", nothing.  Once you achieve this all other Middos will fall into place automatically.  This is not easy to achieve as we all suffer from the disease of ego to a degree.  

The Ramak suggests 5 medicines that a person can take to slowly rid himself of this devastating disease.  Click here to see Revach Lists.

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3 Places In Davening To Daven For Good Children

Everybody's wish is for their children to learn Torah, be Tzadikim, and Baalei Middos but where do we ask for this in davening? The Olas Tamid brings from the Shela HaKadosh that there are three places in Shacharis where we should have in mind for Hashem to bentch us with worthy children.  Click here to see Revach List.


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A Closer Look At The 5 Terrible Events That Happened On 17 Tammuz The Mishna lists five terrible events that happened on Tisha B'Av.  The Seder HaYom says, "who cannot fall on the floor and weep from even a single one these events let alone all five."

Not all of the events are clear when and where they happened, and by who.  To see a full list and the details of the various opinions click here for Revach Lists.

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14 Things That Make You Forget, 6 Things That Help You Remember There are a number of activities that Chazal say make you forget Torah or make it hard for you to learn.  There are also things that help you remember what you have long forgotten.  For a more detailed list see Revach Lists.

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6 Nisim That Happened When Pinchos Killed Zimri Pinchos took on a daring and courageous act when he broke past the barrier of people surrounding Zimri's tent and went in to kill him.  The Gemara in Sanhedrin lists 6 miracles that happened during this dangerous mission according to Rav Yochanan.  Click here to see Revach Lists.

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5 Types of Speech According To The Rambam

Rav Avrohom Ben HaRambam says that the Rambam in Pirkei Avos says that all speech falls into one of five categories. Some categories are a mitzva others are an aveira. Some are permitted but should be limited as much as possible and others are not an aveira but considered reprehensible. To see the list, click here for Revach Lists.

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24 Matanos For the Kohein Rashi in Korach (18:8) says that after Korach complained about the validity of the Kohanim, Hashem gave them 24 Matnos Kehuna to show that he stands behind them.  The Sifsei Chachomim brings down the full list diving it into three groups.  10 in the Bais HaMikdash, 4 in Yerushalayim, and 10 outside of Yerushalayim.  For a full list of the 24 matanos click here to see Revach Lists.

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7 Names Of Har Sinai And Their Meanings Har Sinai is a mountain of many names, each one revealing a different light as to what transpired as a result of the Torah being given on it.  The Medrash Rabba in Shmos (2) lists five names and there meaning while the Medrash in Bamidbar (1) lists six.  All together there are seven unique names.  To see these names and there meanings click here for Revach Lists.

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Revach Lists: Parshas Bamidbar - The Shevatim And The Symbols On Their Flags The Chumash Shai LaMoreh brings from Rabbeinu Bachaye the color and symbol on the flag of each Shevet.  Click to see list of this plus the population and their encampment on Revach Lists.

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7 Mitzvos Of The Eyes - Sefer Chareidim The Sefer Chareidim lists all the mitzvos in a unique manner.  He counts all the mitzvos by limbs of the body.  For the eye the Chareidim says there are 3 Mitzvos Aseh that you can do every day and 4 Mitzvos Lo Saaseh.  To see the list click here for Revach Lists.

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7 Things We Learn For A Ganif - Magid of Mezritch The Mishna in Pirkei Avos (4:1) says that a Chochom is a person who can learn something from everyone.  When the Mishna says "everyone" it means it.  The Magid of Mezritch (Yeina Shel Torah) says there are 7 things we can learn about Avodas Hashem from a Ganif, a thief.  Click here to see them on Revach Lists.

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Revach Lists - 77 Mitzvos Aseh That Apply Today

There are 613 (Taryag) Mitzvos, 248 Mitzvos Aseh and 365 Lo Saaseh.  But how many of them apply today?  Some are only in the Bais HaMikdash, others are tumah and tahara, some are incumbent on Bais Din which we don't have because there is no Semicha.  The Chofetz Chaim says that since each mitzva is so precious and we certainly want to do all that is possible he wrote a called Sefer Mitzvos HaKatzer. In it he lists all the mitzvos that apply today.  Surely he says we want to know them well so the opportunity to perform them doesn't slip away.  In it he lists 77 Mitzvos Aseh and 194 Mitzvos Lo Sa'aseh.  To See the 77 Mitzvos Aseh click here to go to Revach Lists.

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Parshas Tazria: Maharsha - Tzora'as, Seven Aveiros & One Punishment? The gemara in Eiruchin (16a) says that Tzora'as comes for seven aveiros and lists them.  The Maharsha asks how can all these seven aveiros of varying severity receive the exact same punishment.  He answers that there are seven kinds of Tzora'as and each kind is fitting for one of the seven aveiros. To see the list of aveiros and their corresponding Tzora'as click here for Revach Lists.

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Rav Avigdor Miller's 10 Steps To Greatness Rav Avigdor Miller was one of a kind.  Maybe you can call him the forerunner of the Ba'al Tshuva movement.  How many Gedolim are able to spend an hour once a week answering questions (sometimes pointed and audacious) on hashkafa and turning each answer into a brilliantly enlightening lesson in life, satisfying and humbling the bold questioner along the way?

He was fearless because he so strongly believed, and was a Gaon who knew that Diracheha Darchei Noam and the Torah or Yiddishkeit cannot be "caught".  It has no achilles heel providing the one answering knows the Torah inside out.  He did.

Rav Miller provided a famous list of his ten steps to greatness.  The list is eye opening in that it is easily achieved if you decide to follow it.  Rav Miller always was a master at finding the things we all overlook and showing how bright they shined.  You can see by clicking here to go to Revach Lists.

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7 Reasons Why We Break A Matza At The Seder At the Seder instead of the usually Lechem Mishneh we have three matzos.  Very early on the middle matza is broken in half and sent away from the table for later consumption during Tzafun.  Why do we break the matza at the table?  See Revach Lists for 7 interesting reasons brought in the Otzar Divrei HaMeforshim why we break the matza at the seder.

Wed, 01 Apr 2009 03:00:00 +0000
5 Reasons Why Children Steal the Afikoman One of the children's favorite parts of the Seder is stealing the Afikoman, hiding it, and subsequently asking for a gift before returning it to their father.  Where does this minhag come from?  The Hagadah Otzar Divrei HaMeforshim brings some reasons for stealing the Afikoman.

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10 Reasons Why Men Wear A Kittel At The Seder At the night of Pesach at the Seder men wear a white kittel.  The kittel is also worn on Yom Kippur and as shrouds for a Niftar.  Why do we wear it at the seder during this time of special joy?  The Otzar Divrei HaMeforshim brings 26 sources explaining why.  At Revach Lists you will find the 10 reasons for wearing a kittel that we thought you would find the most interesting.

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The Kohen Gadol's 8 Begadim & Their Kapara The Kohen Gadol's chief role was to bring a kapara to Klal Yisroel through the avodah and the clothing he wore.  He wore eight begadim.  Each one was michaper on a different aveira of Klal Yisroel.  To see the Revach List click here .

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Can You Name 6 People Who Never Did An Aveira According To Some? We all know that there are four people who never did an Aveira and the Braisa says that they died because of the Chait of Adam HaRishon.  Who are they?  Here is a hint two of them are a grandfather and a grandson but not the most distinguished one of them all, who was the link between them.  The other two were a great uncle and his great nephew.

According to another Braisa there were another two people who never did an aveira.  They were famous brothers and also closely related to someone on the list.  Before looking, do you know who? You can look up gemara Shabbos (55b) or click here to see the Revach List.

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Who Wrote Iyov And The Other 24 Sifrei Tanach? We all know the 24 Sifrei Tanach but do we know who penned them?  Who wrote Iyov?  Who wrote Rus?  Who wrote Milachim?  Who wrote Shir HaShirim?  The gemara in Bava Basra tells us all the answers.  To se the list and some of the surprising answers click here.

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Shela HaKadosh - Aseres HaDibros In Krias Shema The Aseres HaDibros are a foundation of Yiddishkeit.  The Ramban shows how all the 613 mitzvos are included within them.  The gemara (Brachos 12a) says that they used to be said together with Shema in davening.  This practice was stopped since the kofrim would say that only the Aseres HaDibros are true, since that is all Hashem said at Har Sinai. There are minhagim to say Aseres HaDibros everyday (privately as opposed to being a part of davening) and this practice is brought down in SHulchan Aruch.

The Shela HaKadosh brings from the Abudraham who brings from other Rishonim that the 10 dibros are hinted at in the first Parsha of Krias Shema.  He says that a person should have in mind the 10 dibros when saying Krias Shema.  For a list of the 10 dibros and where they are MiRumaz in Krias Shema click here .

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7 Names Of Yisro - What & Why Yisro was a man of many names suiting his colorful life.  Rashi in the beginning of Yisro gives a list of the names and various scattered Medrashim including the Mechilta and the Zohar explain what they represent.  To see list and explanations click here.

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Entering Gan Eden Alive? 9 People Did It

Gan Eden is a place we all aspire to go after we die.  Masechtas Derech Eretz Zuta lists 9 people who went into Gan Eden in their lifetime.  What that means I don't know.  What would a person made of flesh and blood do there?  Or were they still flesh and blood?  In any event click here to see the full list and some interesting details.

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Not All Tzedoka Is Created Equal - Rambam's 8 Levels Of Tzedoka

The Rambam writes (Matanos Aniyim 10:1) that we are obligated to be careful regarding the mitzva of tzedoka more than all the Mitzvos Aseh because giving tzedoka is a sign that you are from the righteous children of Avrohom Avinu.  Among other things he also adds that Bnei Yisroel will not be redeemed only in the zechus of tzedoka.

To put you at ease when doing the difficult task of parting with your precious money he says that a person never became poor from giving tzedoka and was never harmed by it in any way.  Furthermore if you have Rachamanus on the need Hashem will have mercy on you.  We all know going through our often times difficult lives, how much we can all use this mercy.

The Rambam says that not all tzedoka is created equal.  There is a hierarchy of 8 clearly defined levels of tzedoka.  The underlying principle of this hierarchy is to save the person who sadly needs to rely on handouts from feeling shame.  The less shame he feels, the greater your reward. 

So there is giving tzedoka and giving tzedoka.  Since the hardest part is parting with our money, once we have already decided to do that, we may as well get, literally speaking, the most "bang for our buck".

Click here to view Revach Lists  8 levels of tzedoka.

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Parshas Va'eira - The Makos Are All Mida K'Neged Mida Hashem punishes Mida K'Neged Mida.  In Mitzrayim Hashem punished the Mitzrim with the 10 Makos.  Each one was Mida K'Neged Mida for something that the Mitzrim did to Bnei Yisroel.  Nothing was random.  There are many Medrashim and Peirushim including the Kli Yakar and Abarbanel who explain what each Maka was for.  In the Hagadah Otzer HaMedrashim it brings a number of explanations for each.

See the Revach Lists for list of Makos and why the Mitrim deserved them .

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Sefer Chareidim: 17 Requirements For Each Mitzva The Sefer Chareidim says that when you do a mitzva you must do it B'Shleimus.  There are 17 requirements to doing a mitzva with perfection.  When you do this the mitzva will go up before Hashem and it will be received with Ratzon.  Only then will we avoid embarrassment in the world to come.

It is written that for each mitzva when you come to Shamayim there will be a Bais Din that determines if you have done the mitzva.  Each mitzva though, will have many Batei Din, each one for a specific aspect of that mitzva.  When they ask you if you did a mitzva and you did it out of fear but not out of love for example, the Bais Din of Ahava will determine that you have not performed that mitzva.  This is what will happen in each one of the 17 Batei Dinim.

Read the list an ask yourself, is there any mitzva that I have really done B'Shleimus?  Click here to see full list.

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Stay Connected With 100 Brachos

Rav Shimshon Pincus says that life is about connecting with Hashem.  If we are connected, we will carry out our role and not forget why we are here.  If we are connected we will never lack any of the abundant blessings that we need to be successful in life.

In the days of Dovid HaMelech there was a plague and 100 people were dying each day.  Dovid HaMelech realized that death comes from being cut off from the source of life.  He needed to rectify this by reconnecting his generation with Hashem in a concrete manner.  He therefore was Misaken that a person should say 100 brachos every day.  The pasuk in the Chumash that hints to this requirement of 100 brachos not surprisingly talks about a person's need for Yiras Hashem. 

Bracha is from the word Breicha or reservoir.  With each benefit we get from Hashem we need to look up and acknowledge the source.  By doing this we never end up going very long throughout the day without connecting to that source since we are constantly on the receiving end of some divine benefit.  Our day becomes filled with tefila and thanks and Hashem is always nearby at hand.  The Rambam says (Brachos 4:1) that brachos are to remember Hashem, always.

On Revach Lists are two lists of the daily 100 brachos but calculated slightly differently.  In addition it does not include the numerous Brachos we make when eating snack or going to the bathroom.  The list is for a typical weekday.  Shabbos and Yom Tov when we don't say a full Shemoneh Esrei fall short in their basic count but are made up through extra eating and other ways.  To see Revach List of 100 Brachos Click Here



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Moshe's Rabbeinu - A Man Of Many Names

The medrash Yalkut Shimoni says Moshe Rabbeinu had many names.  Moshe the Torah tells us was given by Basya the daughter of Paroh.  Aside from the torah and Basya it seems that no one else called him Moshe.  His father, mother, sister, brother, and the entire Am Yisroel all callled him by different names.  How many can you name?   To see all the names mentioned by the Medrash click here.




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