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Sholom Aleichem Revach, My chavrusso has just told me that his son in law recently went to visit his Rebbe Harav Aharon Leib Steinman shlita. While he was waiting, the gabbe related to him an incredible story.

On Erev Shabbos, day seven of "Operation Cast Lead", the telephone rang in Rav Steinman's home, very close to Shabbos. On the line was a representative of the army who asked to speak urgently to the Rav. When the gabbe explained that all messages must go through him, the caller explained that the army was poised to launch the ground offensive tomorrow- on Shabbos – and they were calling for the Rav's brocho. When the Rav questioned the reason for going in on Shabbos, he was told that for strategic reasons – most of them highly confidential – they could not wait till Motzaei Shabbos. The Rav did not accept this, and declined to give his blessing. The gabbe suggested to the Rav that since they would be going ahead to follow their military directives regardless, perhaps he should give them a brocho anyhow.  The Rav replied "Shabbos is Mekor Habrocho – how can I give a brocho for chilul Shabbos?!"

Minutes after Shabbos the following night, the telephone rang  – it was the army again, to say "Tell the Rav that we listened to his psak, and we deferred the operation. We are going in right now and we need his brocho!" The Rav responded very warmly with a generous heartfelt brocho.

Twenty four hours later, the Rav received a call from Gabi Ashkenazi, the Commander-in chief of the ground forces. He wanted to thank the Rav for his brocho – the army had achieved all its objectives in the first 24 hours. Furthermore, they had anticipated that the cost of the first day's operation would be in the region of 50 fatalities (r'l). among the Israeli troops. In the event they suffered only 1 (Hyd).  They are convinced that the Rav's brocho played a crucial role in the supernatural success.


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An Early Motza'ei Shabbos In Manchester Those who learnt in Manchester Yeshiva will remember how, from week to week, the approach of Shabbos could actually be felt in the air. Shabbos was so much the highlight of the week, that the days before and after literally centred around the Mei'ein Olam Habo.

It was for this reason that the famous Manchester Rosh Yeshiva Rav Yehuda Zev Segal zt"l, would begin to deliver his weekly 'shmuess' just before nacht late on Shabbos afternoon. This way he would deliberately extend Kedushas Shabbos for the duration of the 'shmuess' and only after that daven Mariv and make Havdolo.

In the sixties, a young man from Uruguay managed to join the Yeshiva for a limited period. Knowing that his time was short, he set about utilising every single day to charge up his batteries before he would have to go back to the spiritual wilderness. To this end, he longed to be able to make a tape recording of the wonderful shmuessen so that he could re-hear them in later times. It bothered him that these shmuessen were being delivered during what was technically Motzaei Shabbos, but the fact that the Yeshiva decided to extend Shabbos prohibited him from doing this.

He discussed his problem with the Rosh Yeshiva, and explored the possibility of the Rosh Yeshiva and himself saying Bircas Hamavdil at nacht, so that the recording could be made. The halachic aspects were cleared by the local Rabbonim, and it was now up to the Rosh Yeshiva to agree. After serious consideration, the Rosh Yeshiva said that he was unable to answer at the time, and that he should approach him again later in the week.

(Note: anyone who knew the Rosh Yeshiva knows that he would jump at the chance to give or do anything at all for anyone else. He absolutely lived "far yenem" and considered their situation as his own. However, evidently this bochur was requesting an extremely great sacrifice – Only the Rosh Yeshiva really understood the true value of every minute of Kedushas Shabbos, and found it too precious to forfeit.)

At their second meeting the Rosh Yeshiva agreed, and arrangements were made to remind the Rosh Yeshiva at nacht to say the Bracha. Subsequently he and the bochur released their Kedushas Shabbos on time, while the rest of the Yeshiva were still basking in the wonderful Kedusha which they probably failed to appreciate fully.

Many years later, the book "Inspiration and Insight" was published in English, a collection of the Manchester Rosh Yeshiva's shmuessen. The majority of the material was taken directly from those recordings which were made possible by the Rosh Yeshiva's sacrifice for others.

The Rosh Yeshiva had worked on himself to give away Ruchnius - Mei'ein Olam Habo – for someone else's sake. In retrospect we now know that rather than being a sacrifice it was an investment. Every time someone picks up a copy of Inspiration and Insight, the Rosh Yeshiva gains even greater Ruchnius in the Lichtige Olam Habo he now occupies.

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Rav Chaim Shmulevitz Reveals The Secret Of The Mir Yeshiva's Survival Sholom Revach!  Let me share with you what I just heard from Rav Chaim Halpern shlita of London.  When eastern European Yiddishkeit was destroyed during the holocaust, all the illustrious Yeshivos were forced to close. Although many were re-opened in other countries, the original Yeshivos were actually a thing of the past, with a vast majority of the student body having tragically perished. It was a question of building again from scratch, and naming the new Yeshiva after the former.

The only exception to this was Yeshivas Mir. In this case, the Yeshiva as such survived, with most of the Rebbeim and talmidim being forced to move away, and travel miraculously across the world to their new home in Eretz Yisroel. Here the Moisad continued to flourish to its prestigious position of probably the largest Yeshiva in the world.

Why? – What zechus afforded this? Rav Chaim Shmulevitz zt"l suggested the following. The original Yeshivas Mir was established by his father-in-law the famous Gaon Olam Rav Leizer Yudel Finkel zt"l (who was the son of der Alter fon Slobodke). Having put his life and soul into setting up the Yeshiva, the Rosh Yeshiva felt it was time to engage a Mashgiach, and he had his eye on Rav Yerucham Leibovitz. His good friends attempted to dissuade Reb Leizer Yudel from this step, because their personalities were so different. Reb Yerucham's dynamic charismatic personality would, they feared, overshadow that of the Rosh Yeshiva, and as a result the Mashgiach would take centre-stage and assume his position in the limelight, banishing the Rosh Yeshiva to the sidelines. Reb Leizer Yudel understood – and even agreed with their concerns – but he still went straight on with his plans saying that his own personal interests did not feature at all but rather his own concern was to do what was best for the Yeshiva.

After the instalment of the new Mashgiach, when the above predictions proved to be well-founded, there were a number of trouble-makers who tried their best to cause friction between the two Gedolim, and they persisted in reporting allegations against the Mashgiach to the Rosh Yershiva. At every occasion, Reb Leizer Yudel would always react in the same way – taking no interest in anything other than what was best for Kevod Shomayim.

This selfless self-sacrifice (similar to Rochel Imeinu gladly bringing Yakov and Lea together), -said Reb Chaim Shmulevitz- paid off with the supernatural Hashgocho Protis that only his Yeshiva would enjoy!

Thank you for sharing that! - Revach -

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The Gateshead Rov Was Waiting For His Call A number of years ago, a friend of mine from another town was getting married in Gateshead.  He stayed in our house the day before the Chasuna, and his parents would be joining him on the big day itself.

The Chosson had an appointment to make final arrangements at the Rov zt”l house at 10.30pm. It was mid-winter, and on the way he slipped on the ice but thankfully was not badly hurt. He rushed straight on to his appointment so as not to keep the Rov waiting.

As he arrived, the Rov noticed that he was somewhat shaken, and asked him what had happened. He explained that it was just a slip and nothing serious.  At the end of the meeting, the Rov asked where he was spending the night. He then instructed him to call him when he arrives safely at our home. The Chosson explained that he was not going directly to our house, as he was making a few other calls first. The Rov insisted that he call when he finally arrived.

When he did finally arrive, the Chosson was in a quandary. It was now close to midnight, and he would normally not dare disturb the Rov at such an hour!  My advice to him was "If the Rov told you to call, you'd better do so."  Still hesitant, he followed my advice hoping that he would not be disturbing.

The Rov immediately answered, and said "Ah! I've been waiting for your call!  I'm pleased you are ok. Sleep well and have a good night."

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