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Tehilim For Rabbi Orshansky of Gateshead -
It has been a while since we last corresponded. I have been extremely pre-occupied, paricularly since Rosh Chodesh Adar, when my good friend and chavrusso, Reb CHIZKIYOHU Mordechai Orshansky shlita went into hospital for major heart surgery.(you no doubt remember his fascinatimng articles I sent you..)
Major complications occurred during the operation which lasted for 13 hours and had to be completed two days later.Then, on 7 Adar, the doctors pronounced that they gave him very little chance of survival r"l! .That is when his new name was added.
To cut a very long story short, Hakodosh Boruch Hu was by his side throughout, and he made a slow but steady recovery - against all medical predictions!
He returned home on Isru chag Pesach, from where he continues to get better and stronger all the time Be'ezras Hashem. Two weeks later, he was zoche to be the sandek at the bris of a grandson.
Why am i telling you all this? Reb Chizkiyohu Mordechai had difficulty finding a possuk relating to his new name. Search as he may, no siddur seems to list any possuk begining with ches and ending with vov....
Until last week when an old talmid ( a nephew orf Reb Matisyohu Salomon shlita) Chizkiyohu Salomon came to visit him. He told him that having the same problem many years ago, he was told by Reb Feivish Feingold z"l of Manchester to say.......


Could there possibly be a more appropriate possuk?
Please join me in being mispalel for the continued recovery of CHIZKIYOHU MORDECHAI EFRAYIM BEN FRAIDA besoch she'or cholei yisroel

Kol tuv
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