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thank you - fh - (parnassa)
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. it felt great to pour my heart out for someone else. I did this after being laid off and believe it or not two days later a slew of opportunities came up. Nothing concrete but very encouraging to know Hashem has not forgotten me.
posted:2009-07-22 05:29  (0) comments

thank you - Peninah Castro - (Tefila)
Thank you for being able to daven for a fellow Yid.
posted:2009-05-28 14:49  (0) comments

חסדי ה' כי לא תמנו כי לא כלו רחמיו - Reb Chizkiyahu Mordechai Orshansky - (Recovery from heart surgery)
אשירה לה' בחיי אזמרה לא-להי בעודי. I would like to translate this פסוק, towards the end of ברכי נפשי, in תהלים פרק ק''ד פסוק ל''ג, as follows: �I sing to Hashem for my very life, I sing to my G-d for my very existence�. The Gematriyo of the two words, אשירה and אזמרה, together, is 516 + 253, this year � תשס''ט (769).

Since publishing the first edition of this ספר, I have been the catalyst for a קדוש השם and the recipient of a שנוי השם. The קדוש השם took place when the שומע תפלה showed us that He, and He alone, runs the world. My surgeon told my family that my situation was �precarious�, that �we are not winning�. All my family was called to my bedside. The name חזקיהו was chosen from a shortlist, by the Gateshead ראש הישיבה, Harav Avrohom Gurwicz Shlita, to preface my existing name. Thus my name is now חזקיהו מרדכי אפרים with a Gematriyo of 274 + 331 + 136 = 741. I understand that the Heavens were torn asunder by the heartfelt תפלות of my family, of my friends, of כלל ישראל at large. And, against all the medical odds, I am now, ברוך ה', on the road to recovery. What a קדוש השם has been generated!

During my 52 (equal to twice 26) days of hospitalisation I was first on Ward 26 and then transferred to Ward 49 Bed 26! I had a copy of my ספר by my bed. Many visitors, both in hospital and later at home, browsed through it and expressed their wish to have a copy. I agree that within these pages there is much fascinating and remarkable information. I am therefore encouraged to produce this second edition. I wish to place on record my הכרת הטוב to those who have spent many hours assisting me in the production and distribution of this novel work.

When some schoolboys visited me and sang

ה' א-להי שועתי אליך ותרפאני: ה' העלית מן שאול נפשי חייתני מיורדי בור:

it struck me that these words were describing me. Indeed an accurate description! I remarked to the boys jokingly that there must be a Gematriyo for my name in these פסוקים. The next morning I calculated the Gematriyo of ותרפאני. Lo and behold! Would you believe it? תרפאני, without the letter ו, has a Gematriyo of 400 + 200 + 80 + 1 + 50 + 10 = SEVEN-FOUR-ONE, precisely the same as my new name!!!

It is customary to insert in שמונה עשרה a פסוק beginning with the first letter of one�s name and ending with the last letter. Surprise, surprise! I searched a number of סדורים and found no entry for ח...ו. Just then Yackov Chizki Salomon of Manchester came to visit me. He told me that many years ago he had asked Reb Faivish Finegold zl for such a פסוק. He returned shortly afterwards with � hold your breath:

חסדי ה' כי לא תמנו כי לא כלו רחמיו!!

חזקיהו מרדכי אפרים בן ר' שמואל דוד

היום יום 26 לעומר

י''א אייר תשס''ט


(Tel. 0191 478 1290)
posted:2009-05-06 08:20  (0) comments

thank you - Yosef - (Refuah Shlema)
Great to daven for another Jew. thank you very much.
posted:2009-02-07 14:41  (0) comments

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