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WORDS OF WISDOM:Even if a sharp sword is against your neck, don't give up from praying - Talmud Berachos
Today's Revach
Tehilim Perek 49: Beis Yisroel of Ger - Even Some Mitzvos Won't Go With You

Dovid HaMelech tells us in Tehilim (49:18) כִּי לֹא בְמוֹתוֹ יִקַּח הַכֹּל, when you...

Aleinu L'Shabeiach - Before it is Too Late!

In ten days from now we will standing in Shul at the pinnacle of Tefila of the year, Musaf of Rosh HaShanah. And...

Intro to Eishes Chayil Journey along with us on our tour of Eishes Chayil. We will explain each pasuk and the symbolism of the letter the...

Tehilim List
Parnasa Shidduch - Boy
Fertility Shidduch - Girl
Yiras Shamayim Refuah Shleimah
Words of Thanks
thank you - fh - (parnassa)
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. it felt great to...more
posted:2009-07-22 05:29  (0) comments

thank you - Peninah Castro - (Tefila)
Thank you for being able to daven for a fellow Yid.
posted:2009-05-28 14:49  (0) comments

חסדי ה' כי לא תמנו כי לא כלו רחמיו - Reb Chizkiyahu Mordechai Orshansky - (Recovery from heart surgery)
אשירה לה' בחיי אזמרה לא-להי...more
posted:2009-05-06 08:20  (0) comments

thank you - Yosef - (Refuah Shlema)
Great to daven for another Jew. thank you very much.
posted:2009-02-07 14:41  (0) comments

Bulletin Board
Tehilim For Rabbi Orshansky of Gateshead -
It has been a while since we last corresponded. I have been...more
posted:2009-05-06 08:15  (0) comments

Perek Shira
Perek Shira: The Snake's Song - Taking a Plunge

No creature in history has taken a fall like the snake.  This once companion of man, with legs that would...read full story

Zechiras Miriam

Rav Michel Yehuda Lefkowitz: How To Achieve The Ever Elusive Ahavas HaBriyos

If you look at the lives of many of the great tzaddikim, they...read full story

Pitum HaKitores: Imrei Emes of Ger - Some Things Smell Better Than A Good Smell

When the Imrei Emes was crowned the new Rebbe of Ger he took a stand against the tendency for the...read full story

Special Tefilos

A Special War Time Tefila By The Ramchal

The one and only Keil - Gird me with strength for war, bring my rivals to their knees...read full story