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Section: Galus & Geula   Category: Moshiach
letzapos laGeula

   I was amazed, to say the least, when I heard her reaction. What am I talking about? Let's go back a bit.

I was sitting in the park with my neighbor, an FFB woman, from a prominent family in the Litvish world, discussing the future. "Everyone is saying we are in the time of the Geula..." I was saying. "Things will be so different, we can't even begin to imagine what it will be like."

"What do you mean?" she asked. "Olam keminhago noheg, no? The world won't be that different..."

"Won't be that different? Oy, vey!" I exclaimed. "Is that what everyone thinks? Then no wonder people are barely keeping the mitzvah of "vetzipisa laGeula". I mean, if the world will be so similar to its present state, what's the point in Moshiach coming? If the world, as it is, is so great, then who needs yemos haMashiach?"

"You have a point," she mused. "Well, then what does it mean - olam keminhago noheg"?

I researched the answer to that question, using the book, "Otzaros aharit hayamim". Said the Maharal, Nezach Yisrael, 50, based upon the Ramban on Bechukosai 26;6: "The essence of yemos HaMashiach is the return of the world to its complete spiritual tikkun, as was in the time of Adam Harishon before the sin."

In various places, such as Maseches Brachos, 34, page 2, it says: "There is no difference between the olam hazeh (this world) to Yemos Hamashaich but for 'shiabud malchuyos'. The explanation for this given there, is that in Yemos HaMashiach, the way of the world will not change from its present state of nature to a way that goes against nature, etc., 'ein chadash tachas hashemesh' (there is nothing new under the sun).

Nevertheless, there will be a most awesome and wondrous change from its current shape and form, physically and spiritually, including the living, the inanimate, the vegitation, the desert and the people. And there is no contradiction here, for the world, as it will be in Acharis hayomim, is naught but a return to its original state before the aveira of Adam Harishon. Thus, indeed, 'ein chadash tachas hashemesh' for what was once is what will again be.

There are many wondrous things written by Chaza"l about these times, but I will mention just two more:

First, the biggest change in yemos Hamashiach is the cancellation of the yetzer hara. The whole world will change immensely due to this great and wonderful chidush.

Animals will live in peace with each other (can you imagine your neighborhood cats hanging out with the dogs and mice of the street?"

There will be no money or financial dealings since there will be no more need for money. Hashem will directly give us our daily needs. One hint we have to the cancellation of money is in Maseches Sanhedrin 97, where it says, "ein ben Dovid ba ad shetichleh prutah min hakis (the son of David does not come until people's pockets are empty of even one penny)." We can understand this vital issue if we think carefully about what money has caused throughout the generations. All the gashmius and havalim of the world start with money... and since there will be no more gashmius, everything will be purely for the sake of serving Hashem and for ruchnius, there will thus be no more need for money, banks, etc.

In the nevuos, we read that before Moshiach comes Hashem will take away all the gashmius His nation have so fallen in love with "es maahavecha". Therefore we can understand that a World of emes would have no need for gashmius and the likes and seeing as how it truly controls our lives, I'm sure we will not miss it when it is gone.

I would like to add here my own personal feelings: I was told that the tzaddikim would cry when Yemos Hamashiach come, because once the yezter hara is defeated, we will not be able to grow spiritually to higher dargas in the way that we can now, in our daily fights against the yetzer hara. However, the reason they do want Moshiach is for the tzaar HaShechina. When I go on the bus, in Eretz Yisroel, every Purim, the mockery made of Purim, non-frum people dressed up in Haloween costumes, Hashem yerachem, all I want to do is cry and cry for the tzaar HaShechina. 

So, aside from the fact that the world will mamash be beautiful and emesdik, without any trace of sheker, reason enough to letzapos laGeula, look around you at the lack of tznius, even in some of the frum communities, at the world's addictions to gashmius and all the machlokes surrounding us from every direction. I think now we will letzapos leGeula, more than ever before.


May he come speedily in our days, amen.


by: Food for thought

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