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Section:  Avodah   Category: Tefila
Tefila: Vilna Gaon 70 Years of Pain Before Moshiach
Between Ashrei and U’Va LTziyon during Shacharis, we say Lamnatzei’ach… Ya’ancha Hashem B’Yom Tzara”, Hashem should answer us in our day of pain.  The Vilna Gaon in Yahel Ohr (2:119:2) says that there are 70 words in this Perek corresponding to the 70 years of the suffering the Yidden will experience before Moshiach comes.  The last ones will be the most painful just like in Mitzrayim where Paroh increased their workload after Moshe came to redeem them.  Similarly the morning is called “Shachar” as in black because the time right before it starts to get light in the morning is the blackest period of the night.

The reason why we need the pain is to make the Geula come faster.  The entire history of our galus is compared to a pregnant woman.  While carrying a child in the womb is painful for the entire duration, it pales in comparison to the period of labor, which in our case would be the Chevlei Moshiach just as the Geula is about to be born.  As the pain gets worse says the Vilna Gaon, we should realize that this means the geula is very close at hand.  Hang in there!

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