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7 People Who Made A Parah Adumah
Finding a Parah Adumah that passed all the intricate halachos was not an easy feat.  In fact the Mishna in Maseches Para (3:5) tells us that the Parah Adumah was only made by seven Kohanim.  

1.  Moshe Rabbeinu - with Elazar HaKohen
2.  Ezra HaSofer - who was himself a Kohen
3.  Shimon Hatzaddik - Kohen Gadol and the last of the Anshei Knesses HaGedolah in the beginning of the Bayis Sheini.  Alexander the Great leapt from his horse to bow down to him.
4.  Yochanan Kohen Gadol - From the Chashmona'im Dynasty. Served for 80 years yet became a Tzadduki at the end of his life and went by the name Yannai.
5.  Eliyahueini ben HaKof - served less than a year
6.  Chanamel HaMitzri - served less than a year
7.  Yishmael ben Fabi - served for 10 years