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The 10 Crowns Of Shemini L'Milu'im
"VaYehi BaYom HaShemini"  The eight day of the Milu'im, the day the Mishkan was inaugurated, was a special day as noted with the letter "Hey" before the word Shemini.  Rashi says that this day took 10 crowns.  The list is brought in Seder Olam.

1.  Yom Rishon - It was the first day of the week, which is the first day of creation.

2.  Korban Nesi'im - The first day of the Korban of the Nesi'im that lasted for the next 12 days.

3.  Hashra'as HaShechina - The first day the Shechina rested on Klal Yisroel in their new structure.

4.  Issur Bama - Now with the new Mizbei'ach, it became Assur to sacrifice animals on any other altar.

5.  Kehuna - It was the first day the Kohanim did the avodah.  The past seven days Moshe did the avoda.

6.  Bracha - The Kohanim did Birchas Kohanim for the first time.

7.  Avodah - The first day of the daily avodah including the Korban Tamid.

8.  Chodashim - The first day of Nissan the first month of the year.

9.  Achilas Kodshim - The first day that Achilas Kodshim was to be done in the Mishkan.

10.  Yeridas Eish - The first day a fire came down from Shamayim and devoured the meat on the Mizbei'ach.

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