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15 Materials Used For The Mishkan
Fifteen materials were used in the construction of the Mishkan and Begadim.

1) Gold
2) Silver
3) Copper
4-6) Three types of Dyed Wool - T'cheiles, Argaman, Tolaas Shani
7) Linen - Sheish,
8) Goat Hair - Izim,
9-10) Ram and Tachash skins - Oros Eilim and Oros T'chashim,
11) Acacia Wood - Atzei Shitim
12) Olive Oil - Shemen L'maor
13) Aromatic Herbs - Besamim
14-15) Precious Stones - Avnei shoham and Avnei Miluim

Rashi says there were 13 and the Meforshim argue about which two he left out and why.

    •    The Mizrachi says the three types of wool were only counted as one.
    •    The Maharal MiPrague says that the Avnei Shoham and Miluim were not counted because the Nesi'im brought them.
    •    The Sefer Zikaron says that the Oros Eilim and Tachash were counted as one and so were the two precious stones Shoham and Miluim.
    •    The Tzemach Tzedek says that we don't count Oil and Fragrances since they were for the Avodah and not the building.

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