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Hints Of Chanuka In The Torah
Everything that ever happened and ever will can be found in our eternal Torah.  The Ramban in the beginning of Parshas Bahalosicha in the Parsha of the lighting of the Menora says that this refers to the lighting of the Menora that will be done by the Nes of Chanuka through Mattisyahu and his children.  There are many other Remazim brought down and we have found a number of intriguing ones.

1.  The 25th word of the Torah is Ohr referring to the light of the Menorah that will shine brightly on the 25th day of Kislev.

2.  The 25th encampment in the Midbar brought in Parshas Maasei was Chashmona, hinting to the Chashmana'im whose victory would bring celebration on the 25th day of Kislev.

3.  Tamar was taken to be burned for becoming pregnant from a strange man.  The pasuk (Vayeishev 38:24) says, "Vayehi Kimshlosh Chodashim", and it was around 3 months.  This alludes to 25th of Kislev that is almost three months into the year.  "Hotzi'uha V'Sisaref", take her out and light her.  This alludes to the Neiros Chanukah which should be lit outside the house.

4.  The Nasi that brought a Korban for the Chanukas HaMishkan on the 4th day which we read on Chanukah was the son of Shdei'ur.  The three letters on the right side of his name are Shin, Dalet, and Yud which is the name of Hashem on the Mezuza on the right side of the door.  The left three letters spell Ohr, or light which we light in the Menorah on the left side of the door, opposite the mezuza.

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