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Parshas Tzav: Rabbeinu Bachaye - Covering the Shame of Sinners

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TAGS:Asara Harugei Malchus
Asara Harugei Malchus
1    Rebbi Shimon ben Gamliel -    Beheaded
2    Rebbi Yishmael Kohen Gadol -    His head was skinned alive.
3    Rebbi Akiva -    His body combed with buring hot iron rakes.
4    Rebbi Chanaya ben Tradyon -    Burned alive, holding Sefer Torah. with cold wool on his heart to prolong his life and agony.  The executioner agreed to remove the wool and was zocheh to Olam Haba.
5    Rebbi Chutzpis HaMiturgaman    
6    Rebbi Elazar ben Shamua    
7    Rebbi Chanina ben Chachinai    
8    Rebbi Yesheivav HaSofer    
9    Rebbi Yehuda ben Dama    
10  Rebbi Yehuda Ben Bava   

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