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Section: Tanach   Category: Chumash
TAGS:10 Nisyonos  Avrohom Avinu
10 Tests Of Avrohom

There are a number of versions of the 10 Nisyonos of Avrohom brought down by the Rishonim.  See two versions below.

Version 1

1) Avrohom hid underground for thirteen years from King Nimrod, who wanted to kill him.
2) Nimrod flung Avrohom into a fiery furnace.
3) Avrohom was commanded to leave his family and homeland.
4) Almost as soon as he arrived in Canaan, he was forced to leave to escape a famine.
5) Sarah was kidnapped by Pharaoh's officials.
6) The kings captured Lot, and Avrohom went to war to rescue him.
7) Hashem told Avrohom that his offspring would suffer under four monarchies.
8) At an advanced age, he was commanded to circumcise himself and his son.
9) He was commanded to drive away Yishmael and Hagar.
10) He was commanded to sacrifice Yitzchok.

Version 2

1) Avrohom's exile from his family and homeland.
2) The hunger in Canaan after Hashem assured him that he would become a great nation there.
3) The corruption in Egypt that resulted in the abduction of Sarah.
4) The war with the four kings.
5) His marriage to Hagar after having despaired that Sarah would ever give birth.
6) The commandment of circumcision.
7) Avimelech's abduction of Sarah.
8) Driving away Hagar after she had given birth.
9) The very distasteful command to drive away Yishmael.
10) The binding of Yitzchok on the mizbei'ach.

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