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10 Punishments For Adam For Eating From The Eitz HaDaas
The Torah tells us that Adam was cursed in ten different ways: (Pirkei Rabbi Eliezer 14)

1. Adam was wondrously large when he was first created. After he violated Hashem's commandments, the first curse was that his stature be reduced. (Zohar 2:33, 2:142)
2. He be weakened whenever he experiences keri. His face also changes.
3. The earth grow thorns and brambles.
4. The anguish of earning a livelihood. This is very severe, and a man must work very hard to support himself. (Bereishis Rabbah)
5. If man had not sinned, the earth would have grown many beautiful things like those which grew in the Gan Eden. Now, however, the ground was cursed because of Adam that only grass would grow; G-d told him, "You shall eat the grass of the field." When Adam heard this, his eyes brimmed with tears, and he said, "Master of the universe! Shall I now be like any other animal? Shall I eat out of the same manger as my cattle?" G-d then substituted the sixth curse.
6. "By the sweat of your brow you shall eat bread." Even though this set Adam's mind at ease, it is actually worse curse than the earlier ones. A person would certainly prefer to be at ease and eat bread and salt, rather than to have to work hard and eat roast pheasant.
7. When Adam was created, he was so handsome that no creature could look him in the face. When he sinned, this beauty was taken away. The difference was as great as that between a human being and an ape.
8. The fact that the serpent's hands and feet were cut off was a great loss for man. The serpent was very efficient and would have been man's servant. For example, since it was very fleet of foot, it could have been used to deliver merchandise and mail and would return immediately with a response.
9. Adam was banished from Gan Eden. He also lost his status as master of the world.
Some say that after Adam was banished from Gan Eden, he lived on Mount Moriah [in Yerushalayim, where the Bais HaMikdash would later be built]. This is where he was created, and it was where his children were born. (Rabbeinu Bichaya. This is also found in Targum Yonasan)
10. "You are dust, and to dust you shall return." This tenth curse implied that man's destiny is to die, to be buried in the ground, and to revert to the soil. This is something that no man can escape.

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