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4 Reasons To Worry About Little Aveiros
When doing tshuva we tend to think of the big things we've done wrong and worry less about the little aveiros.  Rabbeinu Yonah says this is a very big mistake.  The little ones can be your biggest problem and he gives four reasons why you need to take care of the little ones no less than the big severe aveiros.

1.  We should not be looking at the smallness of the aveira but rather the bigness of Hashem who we are violating His command.
2.  Because the Yetzer Hara is a master of getting us to do small aveiros and when we tally them up the total will be huge rivaling the worst aveiros.
3.  If you do an aveira often enough you stop considering it an aveira in your mind and you disregard it altogether.  This puts you in the category of Porek Ol, Meshumad, and Kofer L'Davar Echad.
4.  If the Yetzer Hara gets you to do a small aveira today he will get you to do a big one tomorrow.

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