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Rav Moshe Kordevero's 5 Potent Medicines For Humility
Rav Moshe Kordevero in the Tomer Devora (Perek 2) says that humility is the key to all good Middos.  Humility he says means considering yourself "Ayin", nothing.  Once you achieve this all other Middos will fall into place automatically.  This is not easy to achieve as we all suffer from the disease of ego to a degree.

The Ramak suggests 5 medicines that a person can take to slowly rid himself of this devastating disease.  

1.  Run away from Kavod - If people shower you with honor you will get used to it and crave it.  Then it will be very hard to extricate your self from gaava.  You must run from Kavod at all costs.

2.  Focus on Your Weaknesses - Just because people honor you for what they think makes you great, you still know the truth.  Don't delude yourself just because the people are mistaken.  Be honest with yourself and know the truth about all your shortcomings.  If they knew these things would they still honor you?  Probably not so get over it.

3.  Appreciate Disgrace - Think about all your aveiros and what you really deserve from Hashem.  When you are humiliated or disgraced be happy.  It is a lot easier way to be punished than getting sick, losing your money, or having someone close to you die.  Better to suffer shame than real problems.

The Ramak then brings two more thoughts that he says will help but are not as effective as the first three.

4.  Respect All Creations - If you embarrass even the smallest most insignificant creation it is a disgrace to its Creator, Hashem.  If Hashem created something he must be very pleased with it or he would have done it.  How dare a person belittle it.

5.  Fill Your Heart With Love of Every Man - Even love Reshaim.  Daven that they should do tshuva.  When you see a disheveled vagrant rather than loathe him, ask yourself what is the difference between him and I, a little money?  Don't look at peoples bad traits only their good ones.

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