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3 Places In Davening To Daven For Good Children
Everybody's wish is  for their children to learn Torah, be Tzadikim, and Baalei Middos but where do we ask for this in davening? The Olas Tamid brings from the Shela HaKadosh that there are three places in Shacharis where we should have in mind for Hashem to bentch us with worthy children.  

1.  Birchas HaTorah - In V'Ha'arev Na when we ask Hashem to make the Torah sweet for us we say, "ViNihiyeh Anachnu V'Tze'etza'eini... Kulanu Yodei Shimecha V'Lomdei Sorasecha Lishma", we and our offspring... should know the torah and learn it L'Shem Shamayim

2.  Ahava Rabba - During the bracha where we ask Hashem to give us the tools and desire to learn torah, when we say "HaMirachem Rachem Aleinu V'Sein BiLibeinu Bina", please have mercy on us and put in our hearts understanding.

3.  U'Va L'Tziyon - When we say, "L'Maan Lo Niga LaRik V'Lo Neiled LeBehala", in order that we do not toil in vain and we do not give birth to futility.

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