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14 Things That Make You Forget, 6 Things That Help You Remember
There are a number of activities that Chazal say make you forget Torah or make it hard for you to learn.  There are also things that help you remember what you have long forgotten.

14 Things that make you forget

1. Reading tombstones
2. Looking at a dead person
3. Eating from what a cat or mouse ate from
4. Frequently eating olives
5. Sleeping with your head on your clothing
6. A man walking between two women or vice versa
7. Walking underneath a camel
8. Walking between two camels
9. Eating the heart of an animal
10. Drinking water that a person washed themselves with
11. Washing your feet one on top of the other
12. Eating bread not fully baked
13. Drinking from a stream that passes through a cemetery
14. Walking under a foul smelling carcass

6 things that help you remember

1. Eating bread baked on coals or coals itself
2. Eating a slightly roasted egg without salt
3. Frequently eating olive oil
4. Frequent wine and incense
5. Drinking water from dough
6. Dipping your finger in salt and eating it

(These lists are not all inclusive see also Horios 13b)

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