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6 Nisim That Happened When Pinchos Killed Zimri
Pinchos took on a daring and courageous act when he broke past the barrier of people surrounding Zimri's tent and went in to kill him.  The Gemara in Sanhedrin lists 6 miracles that happened during this dangerous mission according to Rav Yochanan.

1.  Zimri didn't separate from Kosbi when Pinchos came.  Had he done that Pinchos would not have been permitted to kill him.
2.  Zimri did scream out to the people around the tent for help.
3.  Pinchos was able to spear them in way that caught them in the act so that no one would say Pinchos acted to settle on old score.
4.  Kosbi and Zimri remained in place on the spear for all of Bnei Yisroel to see.
5.  A Malach raised the door post so that Pinchos can walk out with the spear upright so they would remain in place.
6.  A Malach came to start a plague in order the occupy the people of Shevet Shimon so they wouldn't have the frame of mind to go after pinchos and kill him.

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