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7 Names Of Har Sinai And Their Meanings
Har Sinai is a mountain of many names, each one revealing a different light as to what transpired as a result of the Torah being given on it.  The Medrash Rabba in Shmos (2) lists five names and there meaning while the Medrash in Bamidbar (1) lists six.  All together there are seven unique names.

Har HaElokim There Bnei Yisroel accepted Hashem
Har Bashan
As in "B'Shein".  Any food a person eats is in the zechus of the Torah.
Har Gavnunim
Clean from blemishes like cheese (Another reason why we eat milchigs on Shavuos)
Har Chorev
From Har Sinai the Sanhedrin received a mandate to kill people with a sword
Har Sinai
Sinah or hatred came on the other nations for not accepting the Torah
Har Chemed
Hashem desired to to rest there
Har Moriah
Where Hashem judged (Moreh)