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7 Mitzvos Of The Eyes - Sefer Chareidim
The Sefer Chareidim lists all the mitzvos in a unique manner.  He counts all the mitzvos by limbs of the body.  For the eye the Chareidim says there are 3 Mitzvos Aseh that you can do every day and 4 Mitzvos Lo Saaseh. 

Mitzvos Aseh
1.  To Look at your Tzitzis -  U'Ri'isem Oisam (Shlach 15:39) - Counted by the Smak and Tashbatz
2.  To read Torah SheBichsav from a Sefer and not say it by heart - Ksav Licha Es HaDvarim (Ki Sisa 34:27) - This is a branch of a mitzva (Anaf) and not from Taryag
3.  To cry for the death of an Adam Kasher - VaAcheichem Kol Bais Yisroel Yivku Es HaSreifa (Shmini 10:6) - Anaf Mitzva

Lo Sa'aseh
1. Not to look at a forbidden women for the purpose of relations - V'Lo Sasuru Acharei Lvavchem V'Acharei Eineichem (Shlach 15:39) - Counted by Rabbeinu Yonah
2.  Not to be Haughty - V'al Tiferes Rum Einav (Yeshaya 10:12) - Anaf Mitzva
3.  Not to look at Avodah Zara - Al Tifnu El HaElilim (Kedoshim 19:4) - Anaf Mitzva
4.  Not to look at forbidden women even only for sightly pleasure - V'Lo Sasuru Acharei Lvavchem V'Acharei Eineichem (Shlach 15:39) - Anaf Mitzva

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