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Section: Tanach   Category: Chumash
7 Aveiros & The Kind Of Tzora'as They Cause
The gemara in Eiruchin (16a) says that Tzora'as comes for seven aveiros and lists them.  The Maharsha asks how can all these seven aveiros of varying severity receive the exact same punishment.  He answers that there are seven kinds of Tzora'as and each kind is fitting for one of the seven aveiros.

1.  Lashon Hara Mitzora Muchlat - The worst of all of them.
2.  Shfichas Damim - Murder Hair or Beard - We learn from Yo'av who killed Avner.
3.  Shavuas Shav - Swearing in Vain Baheres - Strogest color white.  We learn from Na'aman who was punished for swearing.
4.  Giluy Arayos - Illict Relationships Se'es - Second level darker shade of white.  We learn from Paroh who took Sara.
5.  Gasos HaRuach - Haughtiness Gabachas or Karachas - On the bald pate.
6.  Gezel - Stealing Begadim on the clothing ofthose who steal.
7.  Tzarus Ayin -Stinginess Batim - On the house of someone who does not open his house to the poor and hides his belongings in it.

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