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12 Reasons Why Esther Invited Haman To The Party

Esther puts her life in jeopardy to come before Achashveirosh to plead the Jewish cause without being called.  A miracle occurs and he stretches out his royal scepter granting her life and permission to speak.  What does she say?  Can you and Haman come to a party!  What was she thinking?  What was the brilliant strategy here?  The gemara brings opinions of Tanaim and Amora'im.  When Raba bar Avuha meets Eliyahu HaNavi he asks him which opinion is correct.  His answer?  All of them.

1.  She was hoping he would make a mistake and do something to get himself in trouble while drinking - Rebbi Eliezer -
2.  The pasuk in Mishlei (25:21)says, "Im Ra'ev Sonacha Hachileihu Lechem", if you enemy is hungry feed him bread. - Rebbi Yehoshua -
3.  To bring him close so that he should not contemplate a rebellion against Achashveirosh, totally dooming the Yehudim. - Rebbi Meir -
4.  So that they would have no idea that she was Jewish - Rebbi Yehuda -
5.  So the Yehudim would not rely on the fact that the Queen is one of theirs and they would turn to Hashem as their only hope. - Rebbi Nechemia -
6.  She wanted Haman nearby so that maybe she will find a way to trip him up.  Rebbi Yosi -
7.  So Hashem should pity her for having to stoop so low to flatter this Rasha - Rebbi Shimon ben Menasya -
8.  To lead Achashveirosh to believe that she was having an illicit relationship with Haman and hopefully he would kill both of them and spare the Yehudim. - Rebbi Yehoshua ben Karcha -
9.  She wanted Haman nearby when she complained to Achashveirosh so he would kill him on the spot and not change his mind until he finds him. - Raban Gamliel
10. To make Achashveirosh jealous that this Minister is on the same level as his highness the king - Rebbi Eliezer HaModa'i -
11.  A person must reach his peak power before his downfall - Rabba -
12.  Parties tend to end in disaster for the King like Balshatzar whoi was murdered and Achashveirosh's first party where Vashti was killed. - Rava & Abaye -

(Source: Megila 15b)

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