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4 Men Who Ruled Over The Entire World & 4 Who Didn't
Hashem is the ruler of the world.  However he has given man power to conquer and rule over territories and people.  Surely those who ruled over the world were appointed by Hashem for this task for a reason.  The gemara in Megila lists a number of people who ruled over the entire world and a number whose conquest fell short.

4 World Rulers
1. Achav
2. Nevuchadnetzar
3. Achashveirosh
4. Alexander the Great - WHile the gemara does not list him, Tosfos says he ruled over the world but was not included on the list because it is not brought down in pasukim.

4 Near Misses
1. Shlomo HaMelech - who lost his kingdom (according to one opinion)
2. Sancherev - Who conquered the world but couldn't capture Yerushalayim
3. Daryavesh - Who only ruled over 120 countries and missed by seven
4. Koresh - Who only boasted that he conquered the word but did not

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