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4 or 6 People Who Never Did An Aveira
We all know that there are four people who never did an Aveira and the Braisa says that they died because of the Chait of Adam HaRishon. Who are they? Here is a hint two of them are a grandfather and a grandson but not the most distinguished one of them all, who was the link between them. The other two were a great uncle and his great nephew.

According to another Braisa there were another two people who never did an aveira. They were famous brothers and also closely related to someone on the list. Before looking, do you know who?

1. Binyomin
2. Amram
3. Yishai the father of Dovid HaMelech
4. Kil'av the son of Dovid HaMelech and Avigayil (also known as Daniel)

The other two according to one opinion were

5. Moshe
6. Aharon

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