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9 People Who Entered Gan Eden Alive
Masechtas Derech Eretz Zuta lists 9 people who went into Gan Eden in their lifetime. 

1.  Chanoch be Yered
  - The father of Mesushelach was taken by Hashem when he was 365 years old.  Quite young for those days.  The Medrash Agada says that he became the Malach Matat.
2.  Eliyahu HaNavi
3.  Moshiach
4.  Eliezer Eved Avrohom -
The gemara Bava Basra (58a) says that when Rav Bana'a went into Meoras HaMachpela he saw Eliezer serving Avrohom.
5.  Chiram Melech Tzur
- In the Aleph Bais of Ben Sira it says that Chiram was let into Gan Eden because he helped built the first Bais HaMikdash and he was a Yarei Shamayim.  After living in Gan Eden 1,000 years he decided that he was a Deity and he was promptly taken out and put into Gehinom.  One Medrash says that he was married to Nevuchadnetzar's mother.
6.  Eved Melech HaKushi - He is mentioned in Yirmiya (38:7) and he saved Yirmiya from the mud pit.  Some say he was Baruch ben Neria, Yirmiyahu's talmid.  Others say he was Tzidkiyahu himself.  Rashi says that this was his name.
7.  Ya'avatz the Son of Rebbi Yehuda Hanasi
8.  Bisya bas Paroh
9.  Serach bas Asher

(10) Some say, Rav Yehoshua ben Levi who tricked the Malach HaMaves into giving him his sword and showing him Gan Eden.  When he got there he ran inside and the Malach HaMaves couldn't chase him.

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