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Names Of Moshe Rabbeinu
The medrash Yalkut Shimoni says Moshe Rabbeinu had many names.  Moshe the Torah tells us was given by Basya the daughter of Paroh.  Aside from the torah and Basya it seems that no one else called him Moshe.

His other names and who called him them according to the Medrash were

1. Chaver - by his father Amram
2. Yekusiel - by his mother Yocheved
3. Yered - by his sister Miriam
4. Avi Zanoach - by his brother Aharon
5. Avi Socho - by his nurse
6. Shemaya - by Am Yisroel

Other medrashim mention other names including, 7. Tuvya, 8. Ben Nesanel, 9. Levi, 10. Heiman, and 11. Michokek.

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