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Section: Human Character   Category: Ba'alei Mussar
TAGS:anger  middos  Orchos Tzaddikim
3 Suggestions When Angry
In Sha'ar HaKa'as, the Orchos Tzadikim says that although getting angry is very bad, nevertheless there are times when a person has a tendency to become angry more easily, such as when you are fasting or when you are are in a difficult situation.  He goes on to make three suggestions when your nerves are frayed and you re getting angry.

1.  Don't Talk - absolute silence can make the anger go away.
2.  Speak in a Low Voice - Make up your mind that you will not raise your voice if you need to speak.  Thisshould lower your blood pressure somewhat.
3.  Don't Look - Do not look the person you are angry with in the face.  This will just agravate the situation and raise your ire further.  SPeak to them without looking at them and you will calm down.

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