Hear about the significance and holiness of the place from the time of creation, the Bais HaMikdash of Shlomo and of Hurdus, and their respective destruction. Hear about the betrayal of the feuding Chashmano'i brothers, the cowardice and bravery of Yosef Meshisa. Learn about aborted attempts of rebuilding in the times of Trajan, Hadrian, Julian the Apostate, Eudocia, Nechemia ben Chushiel, and Napoleon.  Hear the story of Plato's meeting with Yirmiyahu.


Upon the impending attack of Sancherev, Chizkiyahu hastily stengthened the wall around an expanded Yerushalayim swelling withg refugees. Learn about the battle, and the aftermath. Hear about the bachelor King and his eventual marriage to the daughter of the Navi, his ancestry and his progeny. Hear about Chizkiyahu's accomplishments and his disappointments, and his connection to the great Talmid of the Arizal, Rav Chaim Vital.


This thorn in the side of the Chashmonaim, held its ground as a Greek army garrison, enduring over twenty years after the Macabim reclaimed the Bais HaMikdash. Learn about the Hellenization of a the nation, the heroes and villains, Channah, Yehudis, Ptolemy's, Seleucid's, Jason and Melenaus. Hear the fascinating story about the Chasmona'i reconquest and the trials and tribulations they endured for 100 years until the dynasty disappeared, collapsing from within. Hear about the great Queen Shlomtzion, the legendary tzadik Choni HaMe'agel, and the feuding Roman leaders Pompeii and Julius Caesar and the role they played in the Chasmona'i demise.


The Churva Shul tells the story of the Old Yishuv beginning with the story of Rebbi Yehuda HaChasid and his brave efforts that became the precursor to the famed Churva Shul. We will hear about the way of life and the struggles, the contributions of Sir Moses Montefiore, the heroes of the Yishuv, like Rav Shmuel Salant, and even a word about Rav Elyashiv. The destruction in 1948 and the rebirth after 1967.


The Cardo represents one of the most difficult periods in the history of Yerushalayim. Hear about the devastation of Trajan, the great hope of the rise of Roman Emperor Hadrian, and the bloody end of the Bar Kochba Revolt. Hear about Rebbi Yehoshua's friendship with the Emperor, the Asara Harugei Malchus (10 Martyrs), and the near total destruction of Jewish Jerusalem. In a surprising twist you will hear how at the end the rise of Islam saved Judaism.


Although archaeologists are not convinced, our Mesora points to this point as the location of the Kever of Dovid and other Malchei Yehuda. Here we can get a glimpse of the size and boundaries of Yerushalayim as they shifted through the ages, after humble beginnings. Hear about the holiness of this place and what it was used for before being a burial ground. Learn about the controversy with the Church 500 years ago and in recent times.


In the 13th century, the Ramban, already in his eighth decade, embarked on a trip to Eretz Yisrael. Learn about the great debate that forced him into exile, what he found in Yerushalayim, and the great Torah center that Eretz Yisrael became in that generation. Learn about the Crusaders and Mamluks that controlled Eretz Yisael in those days. Learn about other great Rabbanim of Yerushalayim like the Rav Ovadia MiBartenura, the Shela HaKadosh, and the Ralbach, and the great Semicha controversy.