Midbar Yehudah

The once lush valley the pride of Knaan, that lured Lot to its midst, was overturned leaving in its wake a barren desert with hints of its glorious past. Yericho and Ein Gedi survived as reminders of the blessing that the land has to offer, while the rest of this wasteland was time and again used as a place of refuge and safe haven for the oppressed and hunted, from Dovid HaMelech to the Chasmonaim, to Bar Kochba.

This valley has witnessed much history, as invaders and escapees crossed its plains on their way to conquest, or in hasty retreat. Come join us on a journey back in time, as we bare witness to these critical junctures in history, on the very ground on which it transpired.


See a breathtaking view of Yericho, known as the oldest city in the world and the first of Bnei Yisrael's conquest upon entering Eretz Yisrael. The approximate burial of Moshe Rabbeinu.

See the plains where Bnei Yisrael crossed. The escape of Calev and Pinchas. The journey of Naomi & Rus. A city cursed by Yehoshua, why does it still stand?


Built as a Chashmonai fortress, later a summer palace for King Herod, and finally the famous last stand of the rag tag zealots against the Romans after the destruction of the Bais HaMikdash. Was it a truly great battle?

Challenge yourself to a hike up by foot or enjoy the cable car, either way you will enjoy the breathtaking view from the top as well as the fascinating ruins of the palaces and dwelling places.


Once the home of five cities, the Yam HaMelach no longer supports any life whatsoever due to its dense sulfur content. Today it serves as a natural health spa with its healthy mud and strong sun and a fun trip for those with fear of water.

Hear about Lot's wife and the story behind the Dead Sea, the different opinions and all the ramifications. You'll also hear about Lot's wife and the famous salt pillar.




Hike the cliffs in this desert oasis and enjoy the waterfalls and refreshing pools. This area served as a hideout for Dovid in his escape from Shaul and Bar Kochba during his revolt.

The town located at Ein Gedi was a wealthy town famous for their secret manufacturing process of precious balsam oil. Come hike and see the growth and vegetation, the wildlife, and the gorgeous desert surroundings.




You've seen the outside of the imposing Judean Desert mountains, now dive into the craggy magnificent depths behind the facade, for a ride you won't ever forget!



Become one with the desert. See its caves and canyons. Climb its heights and stand on top of the world awed by breathtaking vistas and watch history unfold before your eyes.



Go back in time and ride the ship of the desert. Climb this awesome beast and enjoy the desert the way it was travelled for thousands of years.