Who We Are


Revach Tours is brought to you by the people from Revach L'Neshama the Torah site that has attracted followers from across the entire world, with a large following of Mechanchim and professionals. We've heard from many of our followers of their disappointment in the quality of the tours they've been on when realizing their dream of coming to the Holy places of Eretz Yisroel. At Revach you get a tour you can trust and you'll always hear information that is accurate, interesting, and has a torah perspective that suits you.

That being said....


Our Philosophy

Fun, fun, and more fun. After that a little more fun and then we sneak in some history and perspective. Someone once asked the famous Magid, Rav Shalom Schwadron why he tells so many jokes when Chazal tell us to to minimize laughter. He answered that in order to get people to listen to his Mussar he needs to loosen them up... a lot! In order to connect with the grand history of our predecessors and help us digest it, we believe it must be delivered in a way that's fun and entertaining, which means making sure everyone is having a good time and avoiding lectures in favor of captivating stories.

We don't want people to come to Israel just for the sake of checking off their list of places they've been to, in order to keep up with their peers. We want them to genuinely enjoy every moment the tour itself and come away with a close feeling to the land and connect to their past!


Historic Perpective - The Jewish Experience

History for the sake of history is not productive. What was, was. What is vital to us, however, is the Jewish experience. The world has a beginning and end, and it is our mission to bring it to its climax. In order to know how to get there we must chart our course, meaning we must know where we’ve come from and how to get from here to there.

Israel is the center of the world and Yerushalayim is its capital. From here the world was created, and from here we connect to Heaven. That being said, by knowing the historical background of Israel and Jerusalem alone we do not have sufficient information to complete our picture of the Jewish experience. Israel does not exist in bubble and everything that happens in the world, stems from what happens in Israel, and flows back to impact it.

Our first and foremost source of history comes from Chazal. There words are rooted solely in the truth and from them we do not budge. Yet as we noted Chazal are not interested in history per se, rather in the parts of history where important lesson are learned. As such, while Chazal is the bedrock of our information and we rely completely on their words that are pure truth and and are not biased, nevertheless to create a full picture we must fill in not only the blanks left by Chazal but also the perspectives and motivations of the nations of the world.

To this extent, our background information is bolstered by a fair amount of outside material to give you a full picture and help you understand why certain events unfolded the way they did. We want to show you the pivotal moments and the hand of Hashem that guided them.

Our goal is that when you visit Israel we want to give you a full perspective of the Jewish experience and how it unfolded throughout history, by letting you live it, see its sites, hear its echoes, and breath its rich air. We hope to infuse in everyone, in a fun and meaningful way, a sense of our place in our proud history.