Nov. 24, 2017 - 6 Kislev 5778
Daf Yomi Makos 19
5605/1844  Rav Yaakov Shick MiKarlin

5718/1957  Rav Chaim Michoel Ber Weismandel - Toras Chemed, Min HAMeitzar

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Summary of:

The Daf

Daf Bullets

1.  Rav Yitzchok holds that as soon as Bikurim are brought into the Bais HaMikdash they become assur to a Zar.

2.  Rav Sheishes holds that Hanacha is Miakev the Bikurim.

3.  Maaser Sheini, Bichor, and Bikurim are all only brought if there is a bais HaMikdash.

4.  A Bichor that was Shechted while there was a Bais HaMikdash cannot be eaten if it was destroyed before eating.   read more

5.  In Kodshim something that is learned through a Hekesh cannot teach that Halacha to another thing with a Hekesh.   read more

6.  Maaser Sheini cannot be eaten even in Yerushalayim if the food or the person eating is Tamei.

7.  Maaser Sheini Tamei in Yerushalayim can and must be redeemed.   read more

8.  Maaser Sheini can be redeemed even if it is one step outside Yerushalayim.

9.  If a person holding Maaser Sheini is inside Yerushalayim, he may not redeem it even if the food has not entered yet.

10. If a person holding Maaser Sheini is inside Yerushalayim and the food is on the other end of long pole that is outside Yerushalayim it is unclear whether it can be redeemed or not.

11.  The issur of eating Maaser Sheini outside Yerushalayim Min HaTorah is only if it entered Yerushalayim beforehand.   read more



Daf Headlines

1.  Seeing, Placing, Or Reciting, What Makes Bikurim Official?

2.  Maaser Sheini, Bichor, & Bikurim When There Is No Bais HaMikdash

3.  A Bichor That Was Oleh Moments Before The Churban

4.  Eating Maaser Sheini B'Tumah

5.  Pidyon Maaser Sheini Tamei In Yerushalayim

6.  Maaser Sheini Outside The Walls Literally

7.  A Man Carrying His Maaser Sheini Between The Gates

8.  Maaser Sheini Outside, Only After It Was Inside 


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