May. 30, 2017 - 5 Sivan 5777
Daf Yomi Bava Basra 128
49th Day of the Omer
Erev Shavuos

5557/1797 Rav Zev Wolf MiZitomir - Ohr HaMeir

5623/1863 Rav Gershon Ashkenazi of Kolomai - Avodas Hagershuni

5729/1969 Rav Chaim Yaakov Safrin of Komarna - Pri Chaim

5753/1993 Rav Uri Shraga Kelerman - Rosh Yeshiva Knesses Chizkiyahu

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Summary of:

The Daf

Daf Bullets

1. It is a Machlokes whether Avodim who are usually considered like Karka, are considered karka to collect a debt from Yesomim. read more

2. It is a machlokes how close a relative can testify. Rebbi Abba says you may testify for you first cousin once removed. Rava says even for your great uncle. Mat Bar Rav Ashi says even for your grandfather.

3. Rebbi Aba says a blind man can testify on land boundaries that he saw before going blind. Shmuel says he can testify on land but not on a coat. Rav Sheishes says on a coat but not on a chunk of silver. Rav Papa says even a chunk of silver. read more

4. The Braisa says a blind man can never testify unless his sight returned like Rebbi Aba.

5. Rebbi Yochanan and Rebbi Abba argue whether a father's word regarding his son the Bechor is believed against a Chazaka, just like the argument between Rebbi Yehuda and the Chachomim.

6. If a Shechiv Meira gives his wife a portion as one of the children, her portion is based on the assets as they are at the time of the gift and the amount of children at the divide of the division. read more

7. If a Baal Chov demands payment of a Shtar to which the lender admits he owes half but Eidim say was fully paid, the lender swears (Modeh B'Miktzas) he paid half and is patur from half. The other half cannot be collected from third party buyers because they can say they believe the Eidim.

8. We pasken like Rebbi Aba in all the above cases.



Daf Headlines

1. Are Avodim Karka For Repaying A Dead Man's Loans?

2. Which Relatives Are Too Close?

3. Testimony From A Newly Blind Man

4. A Father's Word On Bechor Against Chazaka

5. A Wife Taking Like A Child From The Inheritance

6. When The Lender Admits But The Eidim Say He Paid

7. Rebbi Aba Is The Law


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