Jul. 26, 2017 - 3 Av 5777
Daf Yomi Sanhedrin 10
5408/1648 Rav Shamshom Ostropolia Hy"d

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The Daf

Daf Bullets

1.  A person is believed as an Eid to his wife's illicit relationship, with respect to killing the man but not his wife.   read more

2.  An Eid Zomeim on a Naara HaMiorasa pays money to the father for the Kesuba if he names the girl, and he gets killed for the Eidus on the man and woman.   read more

3.  An Eid Zomeim who says that someone was Rovei'a a Shor, gets killed and pays the owner of the Shor.

4.  A Eid who says that someone was Rovei'a the Eid's own ox, is believed to kill the Rovei'a and also the ox.   read more

5.  For Malkos you need 3 Shoftim.

6.  There are cases where punishing the Eid Zomeim the way he wanted to punish the victim is not feasible, and instead he receives Malkos.

7.  Malkos needs 23 according to Rebbi Yishmael either because of a Gzeira Shavah to Misa or because it itself is a form of Misa.

8.  Malkos must be given to a live person and he must continue to live after the Malkos.   read more

9.  It is a Machlokes if Kiddush HaChodesh needs 3 if done on the day of the Ibur or the day after .  Another opinion is that it never needs 3.  Only the Chishuv (determination of whether to be MiAber) does.

10.  Rebbi Shimon ben Gamliel says a group of 3 vote whether to consider Ibur HaShana, 5 decide if they will be MiAber, and 7 are MiAber and declare Nissan to be Adar Sheini.

11.  3, 5, 7 is either learned from Birchas Kohanim or the number of ministers of earthly Kings.



Daf Headlines

1. Palginun Dibura - Two To Tango But Only Eidus On One, - Your Self, Wife, Possessions

2. Dayanim For Malkos - Is It (Like) Capital Punishment?

3. When Do You Need 3 For Ibur HaChodesh?

4. 3, 5, 7 - Three Steps For Ibur HaShana


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