Sep. 22, 2017 - 2 Tishri 5778
Daf Yomi Sanhedrin 68

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Summary of:

The Daf

Daf Bullets

1.  Rebbi Eliezer screamed at his son for concerning himself with the Issur Shvus of Tefilin on Shabbos rather than Hadlakas Neiros and Hatmana which are Isurei D'Oiraisa.

2.  Rebbi Eliezer said the great chachomim will be murdered for not coming to learn by him and Rebbi Akiva the most gruesome death because he had the most to gain.

3.  Rebbi Eliezer died after reaffirming his psak and paskening "Tahor". 

4.  Rebbi Akiva first learned by Rebbi Eliezer but could not grasp the learning so he went to Rebbi Yehoshua.

5.  Netias Kishu'in is only assur to do for the sake of doing it, but not to teach talmidim what it is.

Hadran Alach Arba Misos

6.  Mishna - Ben Sorer U'Moreh  

7.  A Katan cannot be a Ben Sorer U'Moreh even though it is not a punishment for something he did, but to avoid what he will become.

8.  A Ben Sorer U'Moreh is only until his hair surrounds his Gid. 

9.  Rav Chisda holds that a Katan can father a baby.  Raba disagrees.

10.  A child fathered by a Katan (according to Rav Chisda) cannot become a Ben Sorer U'Moreh.



Daf Headlines

1. Rebbi Akiva & His Friends Visit A Dying Rebbi Eliezer

2. Rebbi Akiva's Rebbeim - Rebbi Eliezer & Rebbi Yehoshua

3. Teaching Kishuf For Torah

4. Mishna - Ben Sorer U'Moreh

5. The Age Of A Ben Sorer U'Moreh

6. Children Having Children


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