Jul. 20, 2018 - 8 Av 5778
Daf Yomi Zevachim 98
5658/1898 Rav Simcha Zisel Ziv - The Alter from Kelm

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Summary of:

The Daf

Daf Bullets

1. All Korbanos learn from Chatos that Blios of a Korban are Mikdesh a peice of meat.

2. All Korbanos learn from Asham that a fetus inside a Korban is not Kadosh until it comes out and if you Shecht the mother for any Korban excluding Olah, you need not bring the eimurim of the fetus on the Mizbei’ach.

3. All Korbanos learn from Milu’im that a live animal that becomes Nosar need not be burned. read more

4. All Korbanos learn from Shalamim that Pigul is Noheg when the Korban is both Mispagel that it becomes Pigul itself and is Mifagel that it makes something else pigul.

5. Mincha has its own pasuk to teach us the Din of Bliyos because it cannot learn from Chatos which is fatty. Chatos cannot learn from Mincha which is very soft.

6. All Korbanos learn from Chatos that they must be purchased from Chulin and not Maaser.

7. All Korbanos learn from Asham that bones are mutar and not Nosar.

8. If Dam Chatos went onto a Beged on top of Dam Olah, the Beged does not need Kibus because the Dam Chatos is touching the beged but not absorbed within it.

9. A bloodstain on A Shochet’s beged is not Chotzeitz and neither is a dried fat on the Beged of someone who sells those products.

10. If someone is a Shochet and sells fatty products and has stains of both on his clothing, the gemara is unsure whether the two stains together are a Chatzitza.

Hadran Alach Dam Chatos

11. Mishna - Which Kohen cannot eat Kodshim



Daf Headlines

1. Balua From Chatos & Mincha

2. Shapir & Shilya From Asham

3. Nosar Of Baalei Chaim Are Not Burned From Milu’im

4. Mifagel & Mispagel From Shlamim

5. Chulin Only From Chatos

6. Bones From Asham

7. Caked On Chatos Stain

8. Double Stain For Shochet/Butter Salesman

9. Hadran Alach Dam Chatos

10. Mishna - Tvul Yom and Other Kohanim That Don’t Eat Kodshim


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