Dec. 10, 2018 - 2 Tevet 5779
Daf Yomi Chulin 13
5269/1508  Rav Yitzchok Abarbanel

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Summary of:

The Daf

Daf Bullets

1. If a Katan does a Maaseh and verbalizes what his Kavana is, it is valid.

2. If a Katan thinks or even says something it is not halachicly valid whereas by a Gadol it is. An example would be vebalizing his satisfaction that Peiros became wet and making them Muchshar Likabel Tumah.

3. If a Katan does a Maaseh that shows his intention even though he did not vebalize it, it is valid MiDiRabbanan LíCHumra but not Min HaTorah or LíKula.

4. Although by Chulin one need not have any intention to Shecht to make is Kasher, by Kodshim Misasek is pasul.

5. Mishna - Shechitas Oveid Kochavim is Neveila

6. The mishna holds that Shechitas Oveid Kochavim is not assur BaHanaa. The Mishna is not like Rebbi Eliezer who holds that Stam Machsheves Oveid Kochavim is LaAvodas Kochavim.

7. Shechita of a Min is assur bahanaa since his thoughts are for avodas kochavim.

8. It is a Machlokes whether the children of a Min have a din of mamzeirim.

9. Non-Jews donít have a din of ovdei kochavim, since most of them are truly religious.

10. A non-Jew can bring a Korban even if he is oveid avodah zara, but a Jew cannot.

11. RebbiYehuda bne Biseira holds that Takroves Avodas Kochavim is Mitamei in an Ohel. it is machlokes how to be Midayek in our Mishna whether it holds like him or not.

12. Mishna - Shechita at night.

13. SHechita at night in front of lights is kasher líchatchila.

14. Shechita of a blind man or in the dark is kasher bidieved.



Summary of the Tosfos

1. Tosfos has a different Mihalech than Rashi. He holds that a clear unequivocal Maaseh helps without amira. An Amira will not help a Maaseh Garua that does not indicate anything.. If the Maaseh leans towards the right intention then an amira will help.

2. There were two Rav Huna. One higher than Shmuel and one a talmid of Rav and a lower than Shmuel.

3. Misasek where you donít know what you are doing with the knife is pasul even by Chulin. You need to have in mind to cut Simanim. Misasek that is kasher by Chulin and pasul by Kodshim is if you had in mind to cut the Smanim but not do Shechita, or that you meant to Shecht Chulin an it was Kodshim.

4. Ezra and Zrubavel made a Cheirem on pas Kusi and made it like eating pig.

5. Even in Eretz Yisroel Nochrim are not serious about their avodah zara.

6. Everyone agrees that Takroves Avodah Zara is asur bahanaa. Rebbi Yehuda ben Beseira holds that is Mitamei BaOhel Min HaTorah and the Rabbanan hold only MiDiRabbanan.

7. Tosfos says that Rashi holds on a boat you may Shecht into the ocean, however Tosfos argues and says only if it drips into the ocean after falling on the boat first.



Daf Headlines

1. The Maaseh- Machshava of a Katan, Is It Valid?

2. Misasek In Shechitas Kodshim

3. Mishna - Shechitas Oveid Kochavim is Neveila

4. A Jewish Min and an Oveid Kochavim, Who Is the bigger Believer?

5. Korbanos of a Devout Oveid Kochavim are Kasher

6. Takroves Oveid Kochavim, Tamei in an Ohel?

7. Mishna - Blind Shechita

8. Night Shechita with Lights


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