Oct. 19, 2017 - 29 Tishri 5778
Daf Yomi Sanhedrin 95
3449/312 BCE  Shimon HaTzaddik

5601/1840  Rav Avrohom Dovid MiBotshtash - Eishel Avrohom

5645/1884  Rav Menachem Mendel MiKosov - Tzemach Tzaddik of Vizhnitz

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Summary of:

The Daf

Daf Bullets

1.  A lion has six names - Ari, Kfir, Lavi, Layish, Shachal Shachatz

2.  Sancheirev had one day left from the punishment of Nov to conquer Yerushalayim.  he rushed to get there but in his arrogance he waited until the next day.

3.  Dovid needed to be punished because of the murder of Nov on his account.  He chose to be killed himself and was almost killed by Yishbi until Avishai saved him.

4.  Three people has Kfitzas HaDerech - Avishai when he went to save Dovid, Eliezer when he went to Charan to find Yitzchok a wife, and Yaakov when he went back from Choron to Bais Keil.

5.  Asalya wiped out the remains of Dovid's house except for Yo'ash.  He was a lone survivor just as Evyasar was a lone survivor in the murders in Nov.

6.  Sancheirev's army consisted of 185,000 officers alone.  The water of the Yarden dissipated during their massive crossing. 

7.  Sancheirev's army was either killed with the a) the hand of Hashem  b)  the finger of hashem  c)  Gavriel's knife  d)  by blowing in their noses  e)  Hashem clapping hands kviyachol  f)  hearing the Shira of the Malachim

8.  The number of survivors in Sancheirev's camp was either 10, 9, 14, or 5 people which were Sancheirev, his 2 children, Nevuchadnetzar and Nevuzar Adan.

9.  Hashem personally gave Sancheirev a full body shave.



Daf Headlines

1. A Lion's 6 Names

2. Sancheirev Misses His Chance

3. Dovid's Close Call With Yishbi

4. Kfitzas HaDerech - Avishai, Eliezer, Yaakov

5. Dovid's House Survives... Barely

6. Sancheirev's Mighty Army, Their Demise, & The Survivors

7. Sancheirev Gets A Shave


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