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Section: Questions   Category: Halacha
Halacha - Seminal Emissions
Submitted by anonymous  Answered by Rav Peretz Moncharsh
Question: I am slightly embarrassed to ask this question, but I am in dire need of an answer. Every so often, I wake up and realize that I had a wet dream while I was sleeping, and I immediately despair, because I am worried that I will not halachically be allowed to daven or say a bracha until night fall (I will explain). My question is what am I supposed to do halachically and also what can't I do halachically. I read somewhere that if one releases semen, they must immediately immerse themselves in a mikvah (or a shower if, a mikveh is not available) and say the bracha "Baruch Atah Hashem....Asher Kedishanu....to wash after the emission of semen). Do I need to also wash additionally in the manner in which I wash in the morning alternating pouring water over each hand 3 times to become pure? Either way, according to what I heard, one still remains impure until nightfall after washing/immersing the body and saying the bracha. First off, is what I stated correct? Second, from where do we learn it? (or from where do we learn the proper thing to do, if what I said is not correct?) Third, what is the full bracha in Hebrew, and what is its source? Also, after I take a shower and say the bracha, realizing that I am still in a state of impurity, I am worried about putting on tefillin because I do not want to make them impure. I also am not sure if its proper to daven or say a bracha until maariv (after night fall) because I don't want to say G-d's name while in an impure state. I made this conclusion because you are not supposed to say Reishit Chachma in the morning upon awaking until after washing (which is the step to go from impurity to purity) so that you will not say G-d's name in an impure state, but since u cannot remove this impurity resulting from the emission of semen until immersing, saying the brecha, and WAITING until after nightfall, i am hesitant to daven, put on tefillin, also wear tzit-tzit, and say brachot until all of these three things occur and this impurity has been removed. I am very confused about this whole situation, could you please help me out and address each of my concerns outlined above? I would be more than appreciative!! Thank you sincerely. Kol Tuv.

First of all, you should try to figure out what causes you to have these emissions and correct the source of the problem. If possible you should always sleep on your side, not the stomach or back. If it is caused by your thoughts during the day, you should work on this aspect. If it is beyond your control you are an ones and can only daven to Hashem to protect you in the future.

While it is true that a certain degree of tuma affects the person even after immersing in the mikva until night, and this is why the first mishna in Shas says that the Kohanim who were tamei could not eat teruma until night, however this only affects teruma and korbanos. The Halacha as brought in Shulchan Aruch is that one may and must daven, say berachos and wear tefilin even if he did not go to the mikva at all, as long as he cleaned himself properly. Therefore if this happens again, you should take a shower or otherwise clean yourself well and wash your hands 3 times as you anyways would when waking up in the morning. Afterwards you have all the duties and obligations of a person who is tahor, though it is praiseworthy to go to the mikva to remove the tuma completely.

posted:2008-12-21 07:16:51

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