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Halacha - 3 times w/kli
Submitted by anonymous  Answered by Rav Peretz Moncharsh

There are two general reasons in Halacha for washing one's hands, either for cleanliness or ruach ra'a. Things that contain an element of ruach ra'a obligate washing three times with a kli, while for things that merely make the hands dirty any method that cleans them is satisfactory. Relieving ones self in the bathroom and touching covered parts of the body are considered to be an in-between state and there is a machlokes what should be done. The Mishna Berura is lenient, while many Poskim and the common minhag is to wash 3 times with a kli. It should be pointed out that this only applies to modern, clean bathrooms. An outhouse would obligate washing the hand properly according to all opinions.

posted:2008-11-22 22:29:05