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Section: Questions   Category: Halacha
Halacha - Shabbos- Hot plate
Submitted by anonymous  Answered by Rav Peretz Moncharsh

If the food is fully cooked before Shabbos and completely dry, like a challa, the only issue in Halacha is creating the appearance of cooking which is D'Rabbanan and not actually cooking which would be D'Oraisa. Therefore, some Poskim permit placing the cold challa directly on a hotplate, but not a blech, because a hotplate is only used for rewarming and not cooking and does not give the appearance of cooking. According to the more stringent opinion, which is the common practice, the food may either be placed on a preexisting full pot, such as the cholent. Or alternatively, an empty pan may be used provided it is turned upside down, and even a cookie sheet would be sufficient, as the entire purpose is to make a clear indication that raw food is not being cooked and no one would normally cook raw food on an inverted pan. If the food is a liquid or even contains a small amount of congealed gravy there are other issues that arise of cooking D'Oraisa, and a separate question must be asked.

posted:2008-10-05 13:17:45

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