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Section: Questions   Category: Hashkafa
Hashkafa - Where oh Where has Pesach Gone?
Submitted by Daniel F  Answered by Rabbi Tzvi Frank

Hi Dan,

Pesach is about going back to the basics?

I don't think that the issue at hand is about Pesach at all. Provided that the ingredients are kosher for Pesach there should be no halachic problem.

I mean where do you draw the line? A really talented balabusta can produce a mouth watering Pesach cake that rivals most of the mediocre fare I have to deal with throughout the year. I remember when Pesach cakes meant this dry, eggshell pitted, yellow mass that would have permanently glued your tongue to your palate were it not for the borsht that came to the rescue. I see no one proclaiming how dare that woman bake such a delicious tasting cake! Stick to the Macaroons like in the Alte Heim! Farkert, the more effort you put into simchas yom tov and oineg yom tov the more you'll be rewarded (quite literally).

The issue at hand is why are we so "megusham" that we experience a void when we lack Kosher LaPesach Pepperoni Pizza? Why do we feel withdrawal symptoms when Kosher LaPesach meatballs and spaghetti are not on the menu? The manufacturers are only supplying a demand for these products. I have no issue with them. Once these products are available with a reliable hashgocho, I have no problem with their consumption. The issue is rather with the source of this demand; for it reveals a real and thriving connection with our gashmiyos when in truth we are a nation that strives to be connected with ruchniyos. This is unsettling to the older generation. They see an alarming indication that our priorities are perhaps polluted due to the relative comfort in which we find ourselves and that is why they are quick to point out how frugally they themselves were raised.

I quite agree to this sentiment. I would continue expanding upon this thought but my Kosher LaPesach Pancakes are getting cold. Would you know if they came out with Kosher LaPesach maple syrup yet?

posted:2008-04-14 10:13:23

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