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Section: Questions   Category: Halacha
TAGS:basar b'chalav  fleishig  milchig  nat bar nat
Halacha - Kashrut
Submitted by Baruch  Answered by Rav Peretz Moncharsh
Question: I work in a yeshivah, and there is almost always parve food leftover from lunch. The problem is that lunch as is the case for lunch in almost all yeshivot is fleishic. Now the food is parve like rice or pasta but the dishes that it was prepared on are fleishic. They let me take it home but in my apartment we are 100% milkic. We have no meat dishes or utensils. Can I eat this food cold? Could I heat it up even?

If there is any possibility that a dirty fleishig spoon etc. might have been placed into the pareve food, then it should be considered fleishig in every way. However if you know with certainty that dedicated utensils were always used in the preparation and serving of the food, then it depends if the pot and utensils used to cook the food were used for fleishigs within the past 24 hours. If not, the food may be considered pareve in every way and may even be eaten together with milchigs. If the pot was ben yomo, then the pareve food is called nat bar nat and may not be eaten together with milchigs but may be reheated and served with milchig utensils, whether hot or cold.

posted:2008-09-02 14:17:34

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