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Section: Questions   Category: Halacha
Halacha - Tzavas R' Yehuda HaChasid
Submitted by anonymous  Answered by Rav Peretz Moncharsh

The Igra D'Pirka explains based on Kabbala that when one departs on a journey the Shechina accompanies him. If he were to return home it would be presumptuous of him to expect the Shechina to wait for him and it may depart leaving him at danger. Based on this he proposes that it should only apply to one leaving his own house at the beginning of a trip, but not a hotel on the way. However, he concludes that there is no proof for this leniency and one should be machmir. The Shoel U'Meishiv brings a Gemorra Berachos 53B where an Amora returned to his hotel and was rewarded from Shamayim as proof that it only applies to ones home, But the Shmira M'alya counters that there he returned for the mitzva of reciting Birkas HaMazon in the place he ate his meal and does not prove one may return for non-Mitzva related needs. The Shivim T'marim brings from the Medrash Bereshis Rabba 77 How two Tanaim emulated Yaakov Avinu by returning to their hotel to search for forgotten merchandise and were commended for their behavior. The sefer Mili D'Chasidusa rules that one may be lenient when leaving a way stop based on the common minhag. He also adds that in general one may return even home to take leave of someone you forgot to say goodbye to. The Kaf HaChaim in YD 116:162 limits the issue to one who is departing on a long trip to a distant destination. The Shivim T'marim writes that this only applies if one forgot an item, but one may return home for any other reason. The Shmira M'alya, as mentioned previously, allows one to return for a dvar mitzva.

Generally, the Noda B'Yehuda tinyana EH 79 puts the entire Tzavah of R' Yehuda HaChasid in perspective that it only applies to his descendents. Based on all the above, it seems one may certainly be lenient.

posted:2008-06-03 00:19:27

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Visitor Comments: 3

Anonymous, 2008-06-05 16:38:15
Yasher Koach

beautifullyy presented
BenZion Blum, 2008-06-04 20:39:53
#43 in the ed i have @ home refers to Not returning L'bayso after departure on a journey to get something that was forgotten.
the questions
L'Bayso davka?
Forgotten object what about ahother need such as saying farewell to a parent
(tzorech Mitzva)
Anonymous, 2008-06-03 16:01:00
sorry I was sure Revach's computer in hebrew enabled

See Tzavas R' Yehuda Hachasid #43

My question is Bayso Davka? What about
a guest passing by?

See Mosad Rav Kook ed notes from the Mragolias Hayam
(name of Chibur?)
He cites an Igra Dpirka (loc misprinted sorry
but I dont have it on hand)
Also see notes from The Botsatsher same edition
But niether of theim give clearvPsak
any body else discusses this?
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