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TAGS:chazaka  tefillin
Halacha - Teffilin
Submitted by Ezra  Answered by Rav Peretz Moncharsh
Answer:  Generally speaking, Tefillin that are known to be Kosher are presumed to remain so until known otherwise, this is called a Chazaka. However, if there are significant grounds to suspect that the original situation has changed, we can no longer rely on the Chazaka. Excessive heat is certainly a known cause of Tefillin becoming invalid, and depending on the degree and duration your Tefillin were subjected to, they may not continue to be presumed Kosher.

It is difficult to generalize and I cannot tell you precise temperatures and times. Certainly you should have your Tefillin checked ASAP, and preferably you should use other ones until then. They may not be Kosher now, I do not know for sure.

posted:2011-10-31 02:37:00

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