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Halacha - Bedika on Pesach Cabinets
Submitted by Zvi L  Answered by Rav Peretz Moncharsh

When one cleans a cabinet before the 14th of Nissan it does not need another bedika because now it has the status of a place where chametz hes not been brought. This actually raises an issue the Poskim discuss of after we spend weeks scouring our house for Pesach why do we need to do any bedikas chametz at all on the night of the 14th? Some are of the opinion that under these circumstances the hiding of 10 pieces of chametz is essential to enable one to make a beracha, because otherwise the entire house would have the status of a place where chametz is not brought and making a beracha on its bedika would be a beracha l'vatala.

posted:2008-04-09 10:48:09

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