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Section: Questions   Category: Halacha
Halacha - Talis Gadol
Submitted by Naftali  Answered by Rav Peretz Moncharsh
Question: BS"D If there is a lack of clarity regarding my family minhag to wear a talis gadol before marriage (father is yekke and did but he may have changed the minhag), and starting to wear one now would cause issues of shalom bayis (I was given a psak that shalom bayis would be docheh starting to put on a talis gadol), is there what to gain by putting on a talis gadol in private, either before or after davening? If yes, how should it be done - if before, is it better to specifically not say the parsha of tzitzis to hold off for being yotzei during birchos krias shema? If after, should it be specifically before sof zman krias shema? How long should it be kept on for and what should be said to not have a bracha l'vatala? Thanks in advance for your help with this Shayla.
Answer: The Torah only requires wearing tzitzis on the occasion that one happens to be wearing a four-cornered garment, however it is commendable to go out of ones way to wear one and make ones self obligated in the mitzva, and in fact one who does not may be punished under certain circumstances. Wearing a talis during davening is purely an minhag, though a universally accepted one for married men. Wearing one before the chasuna is another step n the original minhag, but certainly not a requirement of Halacha. Therefore, if your Rav paskened that in your situation you should not wear a talis, there is no need to do anything at all.
posted:2010-04-07 12:45:54

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