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Section: Questions   Category: Miscellaneous
TAGS:addiction  internet  tshuva
Miscellaneous - misuse of the internet
Submitted by anonymous  Answered by Revach Editor
Question: Iam 17 years old and over the past 4 years i have had a really bad problem. I look at stuff on the internet that i should. lately its gotten to the point where i am doing it a few times a week. I keep trying to stop but i just can't. I'm trapped in a cycle that keeps repeating itself. Am I addicted? No matter how bad or ashamed I feel i keep on doing it again falling into yhe same circumstances. please give me some advice on how to control this , I can't stand this anymore! please give me some advice on how to make a plan to stop.

You may require professional help.  The only thing we can suggest on top of that from our vantage point is to increase your Torah study.  Maybe set aside extra time on a regular basis for learning (probably best with a chavrusa or study partner).  Raising your level of kedusha always helps, and Torah protects one from aveira.

Also Tefila.  If you daven to Hashem with all your heart to help you break the habit, surely Hashem will pity you and relieve your tendency to the point where it will be possible to fight and win the battle if you really desire.

Again, we are not professionals and may not undertand the depths of the problem that has entangled you.  But the above surely is a step in the right direction and should be done even if you ultimately receive professional help.

posted:2010-01-27 15:57:53

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